Biomutant: How to Fast Travel

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Biomutant takes place over a vast open world map. It'll take you a while to get from point A to B, even if you have a mount. Luckily you can use the game's fast travel system to speed things up, allowing you to revisit unlocked areas in the blink of an eye. Here's how to Fast Travel in Biomutant.


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How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

To fast travel in Biomutant you will need to interact with yellow signposts. These are found all over the map, and can be seen on the main map as yellow dots. You just need to walk up to them and interact and your character will...well they'll pee on the marker. This will allow you to travel to this point whenever you want.\


Fast Travelling From the Map

Unless you are inside the Tree of Life you can fast travel to any unlocked waypoint from the map. Just open the map and highlight a yellow waypoint. Press X/A to travel there. You can do this as many times as you want, saving you a lot of time in the process.


That's how to fast travel in Biomutant. For more on the game be sure to check out our Biomutant Review. Once you're done with that read our guide on turning off the Narrator.