Where Is Bayonetta 3? Is It Cancelled?

Bayonetta 3 will be the third instalment in the Bayonetta franchise of games by Japanese video game developers Platinum Games. It was first revealed in The Game Awards 2017.

But since the reveal of Bayonetta 3 in 2017, only minimal information followed through about the game. There are no new trailers or teasers, or even images of the game itself. So many have been curious about the game’s state, whether if it will still push through or is already cancelled.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bayonetta 3, including if it is already cancelled or not.

What is Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta 3 will most likely keep what the Bayonetta series of games is known for – the hack and slash gameplay. All the games star Bayonetta, who was created by Hideki Kamiya. Kamiya was known not just because of his work in the Bayonetta game series, but also in other games like the Devil May Cry series of games.

Here is the trailer of Bayonetta 3 that was first shown in the 2017 The Game Awards.

Is Bayonetta 3 Cancelled or Not?

Kamiya himself mentioned in an interview with the Video Games Chronicle that Bayonetta 3 is currently in the works.

“I want you guys to take any concerns you have and throw them out the window immediately because we’re still hard at work on it and it hasn’t been cancelled by any means,” Kamiya said in his interview.

Another interview was also done wherein Kamiya mentioned that Bayonetta 3 is not cancelled. This time, it was with Famitsu, in which Kamiya says:

"Many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 considering there hasn’t been any new information since its announcement, but verifications of new systems have been going great and development is going very well, so please wait with peace of mind."

Kamiya’s statements somehow confirm that Bayonetta 3 is not cancelled. But only time will tell when will the Nintendo Switch exclusive title be released.

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