Battlefield 6 Leaker Claims Multiplayer Maps Will Feature Day & Night Cycles, Alongside Dynamic Weather

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You may have seen that EA's Battlefield series is back in the news recently. With a Battlefield 6 announcement expected alongside a new mobile game, and Battlefield V being included in May's PS Plus line-up, one leaker is making fresh claims about new gameplay elements.

Speaking through a YouTube livestream, Tom Henderson claimed that every map in Battlefield 6 will feature a day/night cycle, alongside a dynamic weather system. Adding to this, Henderson alleges this new entry will take place in the near future, offering advanced tech without going to sci-fi levels like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Battlefield 6 Leaker Claims Multiplayer Maps Will Feature Day/Night And Dynamic Weather Cycles

Henderson also claims to have seen the BF6 trailer, advising "The beginning of the trailer starts off with a nice sunny blue sky and ends in a dark and rainy mess", before stating "We will see the setting, the soldiers, the good graphics, the feature of the game, vehicles, guns etc".

You can find a full report of his comments within this Reddit thread, which also talks about new features like Wingsuits, more fluid movement, and 4-man squads. A full reveal is widely expected next month, so we'll soon find out how true these claims are.