Battlefield 6 Co-Op: Why The Next Battlefield Game Needs A Co-Op Mode

The stakes have never been higher for the Battlefield franchise. As its rivals continue to set the standard for first-person shooters, Battlefield has fallen behind the rest of the pack and with the next generation of consoles on the horizon, the franchise has a prime opportunity to catch up and even overtake the pack with the release of Battlefield 6.

Despite no concrete release date and minimal information surrounding the game, the upcoming release certainly has the potential to cater to hardcore fans of the franchise as well as players looking for a more casual experience.

Here’s why Battlefield 6 needs a casual co-op mode in the game.

It’s Fun!

Battlefield 6 co-op mode
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More often than not, the traditional Battlefield multiplayer experience caters for players looking for large-scale, realistic, action-packed games which often requires a lot of coordination from teammates to secure the victory.

If we take a look at Call of Duty, Spec Ops has always provided a unique gameplay experience for players, including the reoccurring Zombies mode. A fully-fledged co-op mode will offer a more casual experience than multiplayer, which can often turn into extremely competitive games which isn't for everyone.

Nothing comes close to assembling a group of friends to mess around in a co-op mode and having released a co-op mode in Battlefield 5, building from the fun and frenetic missions could be a great addition to a game to appeal to a more casual audience.


Something Different

Battlefield 6 new co-op mode
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Co-op modes in FPS games are often designed as an alternative to the standard single-player and multiplayer modes that always feature in FPS games.

Co-op modes also give developers a chance to spread their creative wings, sometimes creating extremely fun modes which are the complete opposite to what the main game features.

If rumours are to be believed and Battlefield 6 is set in Vietnam, it would make a perfect setting for a co-op survival mode, maybe even a new take on a zombie survival mode? There’s something about spending hours taking down endless waves of the undead and it could well be an avenue that DICE is exploring as we head closer to the 2021 release of Battlefield 6.


Increase The Playerbase Size

Adding new ways to play is never a bad thing and creating a tempting new mode that encourages friends to play together will only help increase the number of players.

Those players will likely get more comfortable with the game and start to filter into other modes with a better grasp on how to play.

Not to mention, it's another marketing tool that EA can use to sell their game.

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