Battlefield 2042 Players Are Unhappy Over “Missing” Features in Recent Beta

You may have seen that Battlefield 2042's open beta went live across last weekend, ending yesterday at 8am BST. While we had some favourable initial impressions, providing you've got your own squad, not everyone was satisfied with DICE's latest FPS entry.

Understandably, Battlefield 2042 had reported issues with bugs, vehicle/weapons balancing and more - it is a beta, after all - but some veteran players had wider issues. As outlined by u/GreenyMyMan on Reddit, a compilation video circulated which details a list of “removed” features.

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Battlefield 2042 Players Are Unhappy Over “Missing” Features in Recent Beta

Now, in this context, we don't mean features DICE has promised for Battlefield 2042 and weren't included. Rather, this list of "removed" abilities relates to gameplay mechanics included in previous Battlefield entries that aren't present in 2042. That includes crouch sprinting, leaning out from cover, underwater diving, weapon mounting, numerous animations and more.

While it's unrealistic to expect every individual mechanic would return for 2042, some community members have expressed hope DICE will include a few of those features. DICE previously confirmed this beta is "a few months old," so there's at least a chance some gameplay mechanics could later appear. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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