Best PKP-BP Loadout for Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 is home to many kinds of guns and fans are going to want to get familiar with them if they want to get ahead in this multiplayer shooter. Whether it’s the standard game modes, Hazard Zone, or Battlefield Portal, you'll want to check out our PKP-BP Loadout guide.

Admittedly, players could just get used to one gun and run with it the whole way in Battlefield 2042, but it can take a while before they find that weapon they connect with, so here’s why people might want to pick out the PKP-BP and the various equipment that will compliment it well.

Best PKP-BP Loadout

The PKP-BP is an effective LMG (light machine gun) that's great at taking out enemies and providing support fire, dealing a decent amount of damage but lacking in both accuracy and range when compared to other LMG's in Battlefield 2042.

PKP-BP Attachments

Here's which attachments work best on the PKP-BP:

  • Muzzle: Factory Mounts
  • Scope: Shan 2.5X
  • Ammunition: High Power Extended
  • Mount: Warhawk Compensator

We've decided to optimize the PKP-BP for long-range, so switching the scope to the Shan 2.5X should allow for greater range and give you accurate shots, which is all we can ask for from an LMG in Battlefield 2042.

You will want to take out enemies from afar as quickly as possible, which is why we paired up the PKP-BP with High Power Extended ammunition, dealing a lot of damage to those pesky foes that could be giving you trouble from afar.

PKP-BP Secondary, Throwable, and Gadget

  • Secondary: MP28
  • Throwable: Frag
  • Gadget: Ammo Box

Considering the lack of handling for the PKP-BP in Battlefield 2042, pairing it with the awesome MP28 handgun, which does a decent amount of damage and should compliment the LMG well when you're out and about shooting enemies.

Few things are better than an explosion so having a Frag Grenade to go with your PKP-BP should work well, letting you take out foes from afar and throwing an explosive at them for extra damage or making them move away from you.

Lastly, an LMG lives and dies by the amount of ammo you have, so going with the Ammo Box for your PKP-BP is necessary since it will ensure smooth killings as you play without worrying too much about running out of bullets.

PKP-BP Stat Improvement

The PKP-BP's base stats are as follows:

  • Firepower: 60
  • Accuracy: 44
  • Range: 48
  • Handling: 32

Once you add the above attachments to your loadout, your stat spread improves to this:

  • Firepower: 60
  • Accuracy: 46
  • Range: 50
  • Handling: 30

Handling for the PKP-BP will never be great but that shouldn't be a major issue when you're dealing solid damage and taking out foes from afar.

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