Best DXR-1 Loadout for Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 is home to a small number of weapons, with more likely to come via updates in the future. Fans are currently digging guns like the M5A3 or the LCMG but that doesn’t mean players are content with using the same weapons over and over, which is why we have prepared a DXR-1 Loadout Guide for Battlefield 2042.

Using Sniper Rifles in these kinds of multiplayer games can be really tricky, especially in a hectic shooter like Battlefield 2042, but there are advantages to using one like the DXR-1 and we’re here to show you how to get those kills while also having the best supplies when the going gets tough.

Best DXR-1 Loadout

The DXR-1 in Battlefield 2042 is lightweight and compact, but also packs a punch from afar like most sniper rifles in the game, having plenty of power, accuracy, and range to take out most targets, though the handling could be a lot better.

DXR-1 Attachments

Here's which attachments work best on the DXR-1:

  • Muzzle: Extended Barrel
  • Scope: Raven 4X
  • Ammunition: High-Power
  • Mount: Factory Mounts

Having the DXR-1 in Battlefield 2042 means that you're going to focus on long-range combat and not much else, so we made sure to concentrate the loadout on what would make this sniper rifle even more dangerous.

As the name states, High-Power ammunition ensures that you will be taking out the competition fairly quickly, while the Raven 4X scope should help you find your enemies from a fair distance so that you can pick them off from afar.

Equipping all of this will ensure that the DXR-1 is going to be a force to be reckoned with, so you won't have many regrets picking this loadout as long as you don't mind being a patient player in this manic shooter.

DXR-1 Secondary, Throwable, and Gadget

  • Secondary: G57
  • Throwable: Frag
  • Gadget: FXM 33 AA Missile

The G57 is a fairly strong pistol that should be useful against anyone who might try and sneak up behind you while you're trying to snipe enemies from afar, so make sure to bring this out when you spot anyone trying to bring you down.

When you need to reload your DXR-1 and enemies are approaching, having a Frag Grenade will be really useful for taking out anyone or, at the least, making them hide so you can start shooting foes from far away again.

Make sure you have an FXM 33 AA Missile because you can be taken out by a helicopter or tank anytime, even when you're a sniper rifle user, so keep this to destroy any vehicle that might be in your way.

DXR-1 Stat Improvement

The DXR-1's base stats are as follows:

  • Firepower: 95
  • Accuracy: 77
  • Range: 82
  • Handling: 22

Once you add the above attachments to your loadout, your stat spread improves to this:

  • Firepower: 95
  • Accuracy: 82
  • Range: 94
  • Handling: 12

Despite giving up more handling, the improvement in accuracy and range does make that small sacrifice in making the DXR-1 a dangerous weapon in Battlefield 2042.

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