Best MP9 Loadout for Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 might not have the most weapons in a first-person shooter but they all serve a purpose and add some variety to the game, especially with modes like Hazard Zone and the experimental Battlefield Portal, which is why we decided to showcase this MP9 Loadout Guide.

The various weapons in Battlefield 2042 all feel different from each other and they all have their own uses, even if some are clearly better than others. So, here’s why we think the MP9 deserves to be picked up and how this Loadout makes it an even better weapon of choice.

Best MP9 Loadout

The MP9 is a hard gun to use in Battlefield 2042, with poor range and low damage from further out. However, if you learn to use it well it can be one of the best guns in Battlefield 2042, so stick with it and see if you can make it happen.

MP9 Attachments

Here's which attachments work best on the MP9:

  • Muzzle: Warhawk Compensator
  • Scope: K8 Holo
  • Ammunition: Close Combat
  • Mount: LS-1 Laser Sight

Ironically, the SMG's greatest strength isn't in how much damage it does but the amount of ammo it can carry, so prioritizing the accuracy and range takes precedence, which is why the K8Holo and LS-1 Laser Sight were chosen.

Considering how good the handling of the MP9 is, having the Warhawk Compensator ensures that it won't take a big hit when these Attachments are added to the Loadout of this Battlefield 2042 gun.

MP9 Secondary, Throwable, and Gadget

  • Secondary: M44
  • Throwable: EMP
  • Gadget: IBA Armor Plate

Since the MP9 doesn't do too much damage, having a revolver like the M44 should do the trick since it can easily finish off some kills, despite not having a lot of ammo.

An EMP is really useful when taking on any vehicles or robot dogs, as the explosive takes them out and gives you the chance to escape or try to take out the enemy.

You always need protection on the Battlefield, so make sure to pack the IBA Armor Plate to take more damage and survive against more bullets than usual, though it doesn't make you invincible.

MP9 Stat Improvement

The MP9's base stats are as follows:

  • Firepower: 24
  • Accuracy: 38
  • Range: 38
  • Handling: 66

Once you add the above attachments to your loadout, your stat spread improves to this:

  • Firepower: 24
  • Accuracy: 50
  • Range: 38
  • Handling: 56

While the damage hasn't improved, upping the accuracy should be enough to make the MP9 a frightening threat to your enemies since it means you can accurately shoot your foes up with all the ammo the SMG has, making it more threatening than you think.

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