Does Battlefield 2042 Have a Single-Player Campaign?

Battlefield 2042 has been making headlines for its focus on multiplayer - but what about single-player?

With Battlefield Portal featuring classic maps, weapons, and character classes from older games, it's easy to let the idea of a single-player campaign slide, but that doesn't mean a load of fans wouldn't appreciate a solo story mode. After all, both Battlefield V and Battlefield 3 and 4's campaigns were actually rather good.

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Does Battlefield 2042 Have Single-Player?

The short answer is - no, not really. At least that's what we know so far. However, it was revealed that players can play modes like Conquest and Breakthrough with AI bots, which is the next best thing. Sort of.

But before you get up in arms, it's worth stating that bar a few cinematic moments in say Battlefield V's campaign, a lot of the campaign did feel as though it was based on popular multi-player modes. The opening beach levels for example often felt like 'capture the flag' - just with a bit more spectacle.

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EA also employed a similar approach in the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront reboot, which didn’t have much of a single-player campaign either but we’re sure players who want to improve their skills will make use of this mode.

Encouragingly, EA and DICE have assured fans Battlefield 2042's AI bots will be hard to distinguish from actual players, so don't expect to have an easy time with Battlefield 2042, even if you're playing Conquest or Breakthrough by yourself.

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Considering how there are 128 players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, we’re sure fans will have a hard time telling who’s an AI and who’s a real player, though that won’t matter in the end.

Depending on the success of Battlefield 2042, it will be interesting to see if there will be more single-player campaigns in future installments of the franchise, especially if Battlefield Portal becomes a mainstay from here on out.

Battlefield 2042 comes out on October 22 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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