Do You Need PS Plus To Play Battlefield 2042

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EA’s Battlefield 2042 is confirmed to be an online title to arrive on the latest consoles later this October. As a multiplayer-focused title, playing it on consoles may require players to be subscribed on their console’s premium online services. Will we need PS Plus to play Battlefield 2042.

Paid Title

As of now, Battlefield 2042 can be owned by pre-ordering the game on your console. Players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platform may have to shell out money to be subscribed on PS Plus. All multiplayer features on the Sony console requires players to have PS Plus.

The only online titles to not require PS Plus are free-to-play games such as Apex Legends. Instead of allowing online features, PS Plus rewards players with extra loot and skins if they’re subscribed while playing the free-to-play title.

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No Free-To-Play Feature Soon

As of now, Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have any free-to-play features confirmed on launch. However, fans are hoping that the game mode reveals this July would include this. As the game doesn’t have a free-to-play game mode unlike Call of Duty Warzone, players don’t have a way to play it without subscribing to the premium services.


Potential Free-To-Play Mode reveal

In July, EA will announce new information in a EA Play Live show in July 22. The confirmed announcements are the two remaining game modes for the game other than the All-Out Warfare mode. Potentially, the free-to-play game mode could be on one of the reveals.

Aside from the main game itself, EA has confirmed that there will be an open beta for the game. If it’s not exclusive to the pre-order players, free-to-play could come as the open beta tryouts for the game. It’s been known for many multiplayer titles to let players try out their game in an open beta and allows everyone in who has downloaded the game. This open beta could be the closest free-to-play we can get without needing a PS Plus subscription for Battlefield 2042.

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