Battlefield 2042: Best PC Mouse And Keyboard Settings

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Battlefield 2042 is finally here! Early access players have entered DICE's cyber playground, giving users the opportunity to try out the game's ambitious Portal mode among others.

It may take a little fiddling to optimise the best keyboard and mouse aspects. Because as you know, balancing performance with gameplay is difficult to achieve. But to make your path into war easier, we've got the best settings for all you PC gamers.

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Best Keyboard Settings

You've probably played many FPSs before, but Battlefield 2042 follows a majority of the controls occupied by previous entries in the franchise. We recommend using EA's default settings for keyboard devices, due to familiarity with these actions.

Person in wingsuit flying away from a tornado.
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Credit: EA

Here's a quick reminder of Battlefield 2042's keyboard inputs (via EA website):

Character/ Letter Keys

Move: W/A/S/D Keys

Zoom: Right Mouse Button

Sprint: Shift (Hold)

Fire: Left Mouse Button

Look: Mouse

Grenade: G Key

Melee: F Key

Reload: R Key

Crouch: Left Ctrl or Hold C Key

Call-In Menu: B Key (Hold)

Prone: Z Key

VOIP: Left Alt Key

Slide: Z Key (While sprinting)

Chat: H Key

Jump: Spacebar

Full Map: M Key

Vault: Spacebar + Move towards the obstacle

Menu: Esc Key

Enter/Exit Vehicles: E Key

Swap Seat (Vehicle): F1 to F8

Revive: E Key (Hold) Plus Menu: T Key

Comorose/Ping: Q Key (Hold)

Number Keys

Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon: 1/ 2

Specialty: 3

Open Gadget: 4

Best Mouse Settings

It's hard to obtain a steady balance between aim assist, sensitivity, while in turn ensuring a relatively precise ADS. That's why we've given a certain range for some values that will require adjustments based on both your PC performance and how you play FPSs.

Helicopter firing at building in the midst of explosions and fire.
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Credit: EA

Global Controls

Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: Off

Mouse raw input: On

On Foot


  • Soldier mouse aim sensitivity: 10-25
  • Invert Vertical Look for Soldier: OFF
  • Field of View: 70-90
  • ADS Field of View: ON


  • Soldier Sprint: TOGGLE
  • Double-Tap Forward to Sprint: OFF
  • Sprint Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard): L Shift
  • Sprint to Vault Over: OFF
  • Always use Transversal Sprint: OFF


  • Soldier Weapon Zoom: HOLD
  • Zoom Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard): Right Mouse Click
  • Steady Scope: HOLD
  • Steady Scope (Hold) Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard): L Shift
  • Soldier Zoom Aim Sensitivity: 35-100


  • Parachute Auto Display: OFF
  • Air Spawn Parachute Auto-Deploy: ON
  • Quick Throw Grenades: OFF
  • Revive Interactions: TOGGLE
  • Request/ skip revive: HOLD
  • Reload Hints: OFF


  • Vertical Mouse Aim Ratio: 100
  • Vertical Mouse Zoom Aim Ratio: 100
  • Uniform soldier aiming: OFF
  • Coefficient: 100
  • Zoom Transition Sensitivity Smoothing: OFF
  • Zoom Aim Sensitivity FOR ALL: 100



  • Vehicle Mouse Aim Sensitivity: 0-10
  • Invert Vertical Look for Tracked Vehicles: OFF
  • Vehicle 3rd Person Field of View: 85-95
  • Tank Aim Sensitivity: 100
  • Gunner Aim Sensitivity: 100
  • Transport Vehicle Freelook Sensitivity: 100


  • Vehicle Weapon Zoom: HOLD
  • Zoom gunner Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard) Right Mouse Click
  • Zoom vehicle Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard): Right Mouse Click
  • Zoom aircraft Keybind (Mouse & Keyboard): Right Mouse Click


  • Invert Vertical Look for Aircraft: ON
  • Aircraft Control Sensitivity: 100
  • Helicopter Control Assists: OFF


  • Vehicle Mouse Ratio: 100
  • Vehicle Zoom Aim Ratio: 100
  • Uniform Vehicle Aiming: ON
  • Coefficient: 125-150
  • Vehicle aim-relative controls: ON

Alternatively, you can also toggle your coefficient to 0, to encourage mobile length scaling. YouTuber, Silk, breaks down why it's worth giving a go.

It'll probably take some time before you reach the best settings according to your playstyle. But try these settings out to help you succeed in DICE's deadly warzone. With 2042 having the biggest maps in the franchise's history, here are all of the vehicles useful in roaming air, land, and water.

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