Battlefield Portal Bans XP Farming Ahead of Update 3.1

Battlefield 2042's dev team have gone on record clarifying why an XP cap has been put on Battlefield Portal experiences.

Battlefield Portal was the most exciting part of the game back when it first launched. Fans of the series were delighted to go back to their favourite aspects of their favourite Battlefield titles, and hopefully relive those moments from the games as they were back in the day.

Unfortunately, a lot of players decided that instead of creating the cool modes the mode and scripting engine gives the potential for, they'd instead open up XP farming servers against bots.

Thanks to the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account, we've seen an explanation as to the methods and reasoning behind the XP cap in Battlefield Portal.

In the Featured modes of Battlefield Portal, there aren't any changes made. These modes are curated and managed by the Battlefield 2042 dev team, and full-on matchmaking exists for them.

Working slightly differently is the Custom Experiences. Hop into a user-made Zombies mode, or a custom Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale, and things change a little bit.

There's a minute-by-minute XP cap for Custom Experiences, meaning you'll earn XP up until a certain minute-by-minute threashold. This shouldn't impact you if you're playing normally though, as opposed to XP farming.

Why do the Battlefield dev team try to fight against XP farming servers on Battlefield Portal?

"It’s not fun, and farming servers prevent established communities from hosting fun events, and folks from running experiences that better reflect the experiences they want to have. They’re dull, and exploitative, and we don’t want them."

We'd agree with this, and hopefully, there's going to be more and more tweaks made to Battlefield 2042 in order to make Portal the experience it was always intended to be.

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