Baldur's Gate 3 Aiming For A 2022 Release, But It Isn't Guaranteed

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Larian Studios has offered an update on Baldur's Gate 3 for the first time in a little while, confirming that the team are hoping to have the game ready to release in 2022.

Speaking to Gamespot, Larian's founder Swen Vincke said:

"We are really trying to get the game done by next year. It’s not gonna release this year for sure."

Vincke also revealed that the team are hard at work developing content for the game, which is why we haven't heard anything since Update 4 arrived with The Druids, saying that the new update is around the corner.

Despite the lack of updates Larian has continued to deploy hotfixes to resolve issues players have had since the game first launched into early access, where it will stay until next year.

So, whilst it is still a while away, the release date calendar for this fall is now pretty full which should hopefully mean Baldur's Gate 3 gets its time to shine when it releases in 2022.