Back 4 Blood’s New Update Adds a Solo Campaign Mode

Back 4 Blood's post-launch roadmap is gradually unfolding. Following various quality-of-life fixes and improvements, developer Turtle Rock Studios has just released a new update, implementing an offline single-player campaign mode.

Previously, Back 4 Blood's only solo option available was through a training mode, which unsurprisingly lacks any real progression options. However, thanks to this new update, players will receive the same benefits they'd achieve if playing in online co-op.

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Back 4 Blood’s New Update Adds a Solo Campaign Mode

That's not all within this new update, either. New supply lines called "Roving Merchants" are being added, providing new unlocks for Supply Points. Burn Cards are being implemented as a new card type, offering temporary effects like immediate healing. Finally, new festive decorations can now be spotted across the Firing Range and Fort Hope.

We had positive impressions of Back 4 Blood when it launched in October. Calling it "fantastic fun - in the right circumstances," there were some issues with the game's challenge, advising that the difficulty spikes could make gameplay unbalanced. While that's been addressed since, you can find our review here.

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