Is Babylon's Fall Coming To Xbox?

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Babylon's Fall is currently confirmed for Sony consoles and PC. The game will also have crossplay between these three platforms. However, when will Xbox consoles join the co-op experience from this title?

No News Yet

As of now, Babylon's Fall is only confirmed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Square Enix has yet to confirm other platforms that will get this title. Fans will have to wait for more announcements before its release could confirm if it's going on other platforms like Xbox anytime soon.


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Crossplay Co-op Experience

In one of its developer streams, Babylon's Fall is confirmed to have a crossplay feature for its online multiplayer mode. Players on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 can play together as one of the game's main feature. Xbox players could also join the fun potentially if it was confirmed for the Microsoft platform too.

The only limits for Babylon's Fall crossplatform features is that it won't allow cross-save and cross-buy for its titles. Players who've already bought the game on one platform will need to buy another copy if they're switching platforms.


Meanwhile, cross-saves are also not confirmed which locks player progression to their specific console and account where they've first played Babylon's Fall.

With this robust co-op crossplay feature, Xbox fans could definitely enjoy a multiplayer title with great potential as one of its games.

Wait it out

As of now, Square Enix has yet to lockdown the release date of Babylon's Fall. Xbox fans can show their interest in the game and could get the game on their console too if they ask hard enough.

Babylon's Fall is an online-only co-op multiplayer experience according to Square Enix. The game tackles themes of high fantasy taken in a spin far different from Western takes of the concept. It'll be a shame to not share this game on other consoles on that end.

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