Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Who is Soma’s Traitor?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla taxes Eivor’s skill and strength, but also their intelligence and wit. That’s why during the questline “The Stench of Treachery”, Eivor is tasked to find which of three captains working for Grantebridge’s leader, Soma, has secretly betrayed her. We’ll reveal the identity of Soma’s traitor, as well as the clues you can find to determine who it is.

Of course, spoilers abound from this point on, so stop reading now if you don’t want the truth revealed, or skip ahead to the clues section.

Who is Soma’s Traitor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Soma’s traitor is Galinn, despite seeming cooperative at the start. There’s several reasons for this:

  • Galinn believes Soma is making mistakes in how the village is run, motivated by the strange visions he’s experiencing.
  • Galinn has no alibi for when the village was attacked, unlike the others.
  • Galinn does not value the yellow paint that was used to mark the longship, unlike Lif.

The other two suspects have motivations or alibis that clear them. Birna has a good alibi (she was seen by witnesses) and cares about Soma. Lif is far more likely in terms of motivation, but he values the yellow paint and also has an alibi.

Accusing Galinn will result in Soma having him killed, and the beginning of a friendly alliance between Grantebridge and Ravensthorpe. Birna will also permanently join your crew at the end of the chapter.

What Happens if You Choose the Wrong Traitor?

If you choose the wrong traitor, Soma will believe you regardless and kill them. However, as they head back to the camp, Galinn will reveal himself and let English soldiers in, leading to an optional fight in which Soma and Eivor work together to fight Galinn and the soldiers. Once finished, Soma will be very unhappy with the way things went, and you won’t get Birna as part of your team (especially if you claimed she was the traitor).

Where to Find Traitor Evidence

If you’re looking for the evidence, we won’t mention the traitor’s real identity from here on out, but we’ll show you where to find all the pieces of evidence around, whether they’re red herrings or not. Complete the following steps to fill your metaphorical notebook.

Evidence in Grantebridge

  • Talk to Galinn, Birna and Lif, and exhaust their dialogue options, as well as confirming some of it with Soma or each other. It’s all important info that you can use.
  • Afterwards, check around the village (including the docks) for any NPCs you can talk to. A few of them will confirm your questions or give more information.
  • You can also check the suspects’ homes for notes or more evidence.
  • Once done, head to the Grantebridge longhouse, go into the back and find a ladder leading down to an underground tunnel.
  • Follow the tunnel to the end and study the yellow paint smeared around, including the yellow X on a rock.
  • Use your Odin’s Sight to follow the paint trail to the river, where you’ll find a paint bucket. Interact with it.

This implies that there’s a yellow longboat out in the swamps to the North, which presumably has more evidence on it. That’s what you need to find now.

Where to Find the Yellow Longboat

The boat is out in the swamps, but it’s not easy to find. We’ve marked it on the map below for you to hunt down. Interact with it once you find it to determine more information about it and who it might be connected to.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla yellow longboat location
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The yellow longboat is at this fork of rivers between the islands in the swamp.

From this point on, all that remains to amass the info you’ve discovered, head back to Soma and determine who the traitor is. If you’re still not certain, head back to the top of this page for the answer and how it all fits together.

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