Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Get Mjolnir and Thor’s Armour

One of the most powerful weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, a one-handed hammer that can do huge damage when wielded correctly. A truly epic weapon worthy of being wielded by a god, it’s only found by completing a long questline in which you acquire all the pieces of Thor’s armour and prove yourself worthy. Fortunately we’ve laid out all the info you need on how to get Mjolnir and Thor’s armour, and turn yourself into the next God of Thunder.

How to Get Mjolnir in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To get Mjolnir in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you’ll have to actually acquire all five pieces of Thor’s armour first. You can find the hammer before that, but you can’t pick it up off the ground until you’re fully dressed in Thor’s armour. We’ll cover how to get them all below, but be warned - it’ll probably take you most of the game before you have the full set.

Where to Get Thor’s Armour Set

Thor’s armour is split into five pieces, specifically the following five pieces.

  • Thor’s Breeches (Pants)
  • Thor’s Battle Plate (Torso)
  • Thor’s Gauntlets (Hands)
  • Thor’s Helmet (Head)
  • Thor’s Cape (Cloak)

You can equip any of them at any time, rather than having to put them on as a set, and frankly it’s often worth doing. They’re powerful bits of armour, designed for full-on combat and increasing stun damage, and work well if you’re fond of running into battle axe-first. We’ll show you where to get all the five pieces now.

How to Get Thor’s Breeches and Beat Goneril

You can claim some of the armour pieces in any order, but most will get them in the order we’ve laid them out in specifically, owing to the difficulty involved. The first three pieces are locked behind optional boss fights, namely the three Daughters of Lerion who hang out in or near East Anglia. You’ll get a specific piece for each one, and the easiest one to beat is Goneril in far North Grantbridgescire, with a challenge rating of 90. Like all three Daughters, she’s in an open arena that’s pretty easy to see. Interact with the sacrificial body beneath the tree to begin the fight.

Goneril Boss Fight Tips

  • Goneril is a very fast fighter who does massive damage when she lands a hit, preferring huge jumping strikes that come in fast.
  • Dodging is essential here, especially considering a lot of Goneril’s attacks are unblockable. Pick armour and skills conducive to agility.
  • Parry the few attacks you can to stun her and get some free hits in.
  • Goneril can teleport, usually setting herself up for a surprise attack. When she vanishes, get ready to dodge immediately.
  • A green ghost will sometimes come in to attack you separately. This can never be blocked, so don’t even try.
  • Once her health is cut to half, she’ll summon green mist in a circle that’s about to explode. Roll away!
  • After that, avoid the circles of poisonous mist that appear around the map, and keep aware that she’ll teleport far more than before. Ranged attacks are almost impossible from this point on, focus on getting those backstabs and quick hits in whenever she's stunned or between attacks.

Once you beat Goneril, she’ll drop her dagger, along with Thor’s Breeches. One down, four to go.

How to Get Thor’s Battle Plate and Beat Regan

The second sister of Lerion, Regan, has a challenge rating of 160, a real step above her little sis, and is waiting for you in the North East of the East Anglia region, up from the Ruined Tower and West of the Forward Camp. Her combat style is pretty similar, but we’ve outlined the important points here.

Regan Boss Fight Tips

  • Regan can parry your attacks, though tends to do so when you’re working through a combo. When you have a chance to hit here, strike twice, and move away. If you see her holding up her swords, don’t attack, or use an unblockable special move.
  • When Regan kneels down, she’s about to do her own unblockable charge attack, followed by her ghost doing a second attack wherever you dodged to. Basically, keep rolling and don’t stop.
  • Parry her wherever you can. Opportunities to do so are rare, but give you a big advantage to do big damage.
  • When she jumps, immediately get ready to dodge. Her damage output on this attack is insane, and has to be avoided at all costs.
  • When Regan reaches half health, she’ll also create a red circle you need to get out of, because it’s about to explode!
  • From now on she leaves trails of fire behind her as she moves, so fire defense gear wouldn’t hurt. She’s also more aggressive generally, with larger combos and bigger attacks. Don’t play her game! Stay cautious, keep your distance, and hit her whenever you think is safest.
  • Finally, Regan can do a jumping grab attack that does massive damage and can’t be blocked, when you see her raising a hand to do so, get away! There’s a very good chance it’ll kill you in one, and you can’t parry it.

Once you claim victory, you’ll get Regan’s Dagger, and Thor’s own Battle Plate for your torso slot.

How to Get Thor’s Gauntlets and Beat Cordelia

The smallest piece of Thor’s armour is behind the toughest Daughter of Lerion. Cordelia is waiting in her own arena in Berkelow Bog, West of Northwic in East Anglia. She’s a real late-game challenge, with 340 power and a range of terrifying moves. Still, Mjolnir won’t accept a less-than-perfect armour set, so it’s time to confront her. She’s not too different from her other sisters, but with some important distinctions.

Cordelia Boss Fight Tips

  • Cordelia is impossibly fast, and summons numerous ghosts to attack. She’ll frequently back away, summon three ghosts, and let them charge at you for huge damage. They’re unblockable, and very hard to dodge, potentially managing a one-hit KO. Use one of your special abilities before she can finish the summoning animation to cut her off - any move that knocks her down and interrupts her.
  • Aside from that, play the cautious game again. Parry whatever attacks you can, and keep your thumb on the dodge button, because she favours leaping, unblockable attacks.
  • She also performs whirling moves and quick combos, but while dangerous, you can parry these.
  • Once at half health, Cordelia will create an electricity circle. Back out of it to avoid damage and prepare for phase two (and maybe put on some electric-resistant gear).
  • Cordelia will start teleporting away and summoning lightning bolts. Dodge them and hit her to stop the attack, or use a bow to cut her off (though this’ll be less damaging overall).
  • Once knocked out of the lightning summoning attack, she’ll try to parry the second move. Be ready for it, and don’t fall for the gambit.

After enough patience (and restarts) you’ll claim victory, Regan’s Dagger, and Thor’s Gauntlets.

How to Get Thor’s Helmet

Once you’ve beaten all three sisters, you’ll also be able to get the fourth piece of armour. Head to Lerion Crypt, a set of ruins a little way South-East of Northwic, and venture inside via a secret entrance. You’ll find a statue with three slots - keyholes in which you can insert the three sisters’ daggers. Head down to the crypt and find the Helmet waiting for you inside a chest, along with some fun other loot.

How to Get Thor’s Cape

This is the big one, and the one that means you won’t be getting Mjolnir until the late game. To get Thor’s Cape, you’ll have to kill every single member of the Order of the Ancients, including the roaming zealots that move about the map. It’s a massive undertaking that isn’t even possible until the late game (as some are locked off behind story missions), but once you’re done, head back to Ravensthorpe and talk to Hytham. He’ll give you the cloak as a reward (but why does he have it?)

Where to Find Mjolnir

Now you’ve got all the pieces of Thor’s armour, you can get Mjolnir. Fast Travel back to Norway, and take your boat North-East to the top of the map, well into the inlet that runs into Hordafylke. Watch the cliffs North as you sail up, but eventually they’ll give way to a sloping hill with trees on it.

Disembark and head up that hill, keeping to the right side of the path. Eventually you’ll find a narrow path that looks almost like it was broken up - and rest at the very end of that path is Mjolnir itself.

You can’t pick Mjolnir up until all the Thor armour is equipped. Put on the full set, and you’ll be able to wield the Isu hammer for the rest of the game, and get the achievement/trophy “Worthy.” Hey, we got that reference!

That was a true adventure indeed! Thor’s hammer does massive stun damage, but there’s also other Isu tech out there! Find out where to get the special Isu Bow here, or check out how to master Flyting and charisma here!

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