Apex Legends Season 6 LEAKS: Release Date, New Legend, Map Changes, Battle Pass Rewards, Predictions And Everything We Know
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Apex Legends Season 6 LEAKS: Release Date, New Legend, Map Changes, Battle Pass Rewards, Predictions And Everything We Know

Gemma Le Conte
6 August 2020

Respawn tends to be quite secretive about their future plans but here are some leaks, hints, and predictions for Season 6.

Apex Legends Season 6 isn't far off now and the teasers are starting to come in thick and fast.

Season 5 is currently underway with a new PVE mode, an additional legend, and more.

We've all seen the cunning thief Loba come to our screens, though people are already wondering who the next legend will be.

Season 6 has been lacking leaks, although that hasn't stopped us getting a look at the potential new legend Rampart.

Here's what we know about the new season of Apex Legends.

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Latest News

New Teaser

A new teaser has been spotted on the map thanks to keen-eyed Twitter user OvtavioSilva. Check it out below!


Season 6 Launch Trailer - 6th August

Check out the season 6 launch trailer featuring Apex's newest legend Rampart!

Bangalore Teaser - 5th August

A new teaser has dropped on the Apex Legends Twitter than may hint at a new character.

If you didn't quite catch some of that - it's deliberately poor quality - it says, "Hey, it's Williams. Man P, you already done, you ever sleep? Hiatus is coming up soon, so I'll swing by this weekend. Drinks are on me."

Williams is Bangalore's real name, but we don't know anyone called P yet, so it's unclear who she is talking to at the moment.

Third Teaser On World's Edge - 3rd August

As you can see, the engine has been dropped, somewhat haphazardly, onto the map.

Perhaps this is where Hammond Robotics intends on building the rocket - if it is indeed a rocket - but foul play could also be on the cards.

Crane Teaser On Worlds Edge (Teaser #2) - 31st July

A crane has appeared on the Worlds Edge map at the Sorting Factory, south of the Fuel Depot.

The orange crane is holding a piece of machinery, almost as if something is being built.

Hammond Robotics Appears In World Edge (Teaser #1) - 28th July

These Hammond Robotics banners have been erected around Dome and Drillsite.

They suggest that Hammond - who built the giant Harvester that ripped World's Edge apart - is ready to install some new machinery on the planet.

Could The Next Map Be On Psamathe In Olympus? - 15th July

It looks like Respawn is hinting at a new map for Season 6.

In a piece of dialogue from the last quest, Lifeline mentions a specific location, stating 'go to Olympus'.

Olympus is a city on Psamathe and it's where fans are predicting the new map will be located.

Well-known Apex Legends data miner ShrugaI sums up the evidence for Olympus in a tweet. Check it out below.

ShrugtaI has also found game files relating to Olympus whilst datamining.

It's fair to say there's plenty of evidence a new map is on its way, all we can do is wait for Season 6 and keep our fingers crossed.

Ash Could Be The Next Legend To Come To The Apex Games

If you complete all of the Lost Treasure Event quests you'll have collected all of the artifact pieces, which create the head of Ash from Titanfall 2.

Finishing the last quest will unlock a new mission.

In this you have to enter a bunker, once you get to the bottom you'll find a headless, damaged Ash.

The player replaces her head and she will boot back up, welcoming you to Olympus.

It's likely Ash will be the next legend and players will be fighting it out in Olympus!

In-game screenshot of the final mission

Titans Could Be Coming To Apex Legends - 29th June

Apex Legends Dataminer ShrugtaI has found a number of interesting images suggesting Titans may be coming to Apex Legends.

He found a Titan Battery, hulking cranes and a rocket pod.

Here's an image of the Titan Battery:

Courtesy of ShrugtaI

Although these images do not strictly confirm that Titans are coming to Apex Legends.

They certainly hint at the possibility of them dropping onto the map at some point in the future.

For more information on Titans in Apex Legends, check out our full article on the subject. 

UFO Sightings In-Game and In Dev Stream- 26th June

In January some players took to Reddit to share sightings of what they believed to be a UFO in-game.

One of which was Chuzeeee seen below.

Another was shown by data miner Shrugtal on Twitter.

Devs did a stream to go over changes coming to the game with the Lost Treasures Event.

During that stream whilst showcasing a new Octane ability, what looks like a UFO is visible, replacing what used to be Skull Town and what's currently the Offshore Rig.

This seems to solidify theories that fans had months previous!

Volt Gun Appears In Dev Stream- 26th June

During the Lost Treasures Event dev stream, reliable data miner Shrugtal was able to spot what looks like the Volt being held by a dummy.

Most players who transitioned from Titanfall to Apex are obsessed with this gun and have been waiting for it to make an appearance.

Rampart Legend Confirmed? - 24th June

The rumoured legend for Season 6 is Rampart and new evidence has almost confirmed that with new decals and assets being added to the game code.

Photos via @Shrugtal

When Is Season 6 For Apex Legends?

The release date for Apex Legends Season 6 will likely be August 18th, as this is when the Battle Pass expires.

Typically, Apex seasons last around 3 months and Season 5 was released on May 12th.

New Characters And Legends

Many are speculating that the next season will bring a new legend.

We will likely see a new character join the roster. A legend has been revealed every season thus far.

Multiple potential legend designs and names have been leaked. Here's an idea of what they could be:


Rampart is heavily linked to construction/repair. He is believed to have a wrench as a melee weapon and a drill/digger as a turret base.

Currently, he is the most plausible legend to come to the game, see here for an in-depth description of Rampart.


Nomad has a passive ability of added backpack space for himself and teammates.

He is believed to have a loot compass that will point him in the direction of the nearest loot.


Believed to be a support play style, Immortal can unleash nanites to either charge team shields or disable that of his enemies.

He can revive himself.


Blisk is thought to be heavily inspired by Titanfall, many also think that he is teased in the Apex Legends opening cinematic.

One of his abilities means that on execution of an enemy, it will reveal their teammates' location for 10 seconds.


For many, his inclusion was all but certain as he is categorised in the game files under 'season4chars'. It could be great storytelling and he is likely to join us towards the back end of the season, or he may have been pushed back to Season 6.


There are other legends mentioned through data mining but there's not much information on them, these include: Jericho, Husaria, Skunner, Prophet, Downfall, Valk, and Reckoner.

New Weapons

A new gun will likely appear in Season 6 as fans were frustrated there wasn't one in Season 5.

Most people are speculating the newest addition will come from Titanfall as the majority have done previously.

Here are some of the possibilities:


The volt is a fan favourite, it's a submachine gun that was brought to Titanfall 2.

It's a bit different from a normal SMG as it uses energy ammo rather than normal bullets.

C.A.R (Combat Advanced Round SMG)

The C.A.R is similar to the much-loved R301 from Apex but it packs more of a punch.

Many fans aren't positive about the possibility of this coming to Apex Legends due to the further saturation of weapons that use light ammo.

B3 Wingman Elite

The Wingman is already in Apex but the Elite is a step above.

With the ability to one shot a player, the B3 hits harder than the standard Wingman.

This weapon sounds pretty overpowered but it requires a lot of skill more so than the current pistol in game.

How Much Will the Season 6 Battle Pass Cost?

So far, every Battle Pass has cost 950 Apex Coins, so we assume that the Season 6 Battle Pass will cost the same, which would mean purchasing 1,000 coins from the store.

However, if you buy the Season 5 Battle Pass and don't spend any of the currency that you get when levelling, you'll most likely have enough to purchase the upcoming battle pass without spending any real money.

Battle Pass Rewards

We don't know what the battle pass will hold, but we expect the premium version will come with three rare character skins and a legendary weapon skin like in previous seasons.

Reddit user Wolfdawgartcorner created some concept sketches for the Apex legends, see below.

Map Changes

There's potential for a new map especially as Respawn did not reveal one in Season 5.

At the least, we would like to see some changes to the existing maps.

Game Modes

It's unclear whether another game mode will be released as the recent PVE mode was introduced we may have to wait a while.

In February of this year, PVPX of the Cloud9 team tweeted Respawn’s producer Josh Medina asking if Season 4 was going to “bless us with solos”.

Medina hinted that there could be something coming for solo players this year.

Community Wishlist

Apex fans have always been very vocal in what they want and usually Respawn is pretty responsive.

Many have voiced their expectations and wishes on Reddit for Season 6, here are some examples:

  • New Legend
  • Voice Chat Issues Fixed
  • New Map
  • Heirloom Weapons For More Legends

Future Plans

On April 6th Design Director Jason McCord stated on twitter that the team was already at that time working on Season 5, 6, 7 and 8!

“We're always bringing in stuff from the Titanfall universe,” Apex game director Chad Grenier and general manager Dusty Welch said in an interview with Game Informer.

“We built an awesome world in Titanfall and want to make sure we're bringing that forward,” they explained.

“I will say this ⁠- there could be a pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans in Season 5.” We haven't seen any Titanfall content in Season 5 so far, Respawn may have pushed this back to Season 6.



Apex Legends has such a diverse group of users that they won't be able to please everyone but they can do their best!