GTA Online Summer Update: How To Make Money In GTA Online FAST

Get your Galaxy Yacht as quickly as possible.

GTA Online is getting a big summer update, and fans will want to earn enough money to buy one of the Galaxy Yachts to go deep sea diving.

There are a number of ways to earn cash and we've got the best ways to do it right here!

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How To Make Money In GTA Online


    Shark Cards

    If money is no object, you can literally spend money to make money in the form of GTA Online's Shark Cards – microtransactions that can give your bank balance a hefty boost.

    Time Trials

    Quite handy behind the wheel? These time-based races can earn you $50k per hour.


    One of GTA Online's headline features, Heists are exciting multi-stage missions that can net you $400k per hour.

    That catch is that you'll need a crew as well as a hideout – making it tough to jump into if you're just starting out.


    Special Cargo

    An ideal moneymaker for solo players, you'll need an Office and a Warehouse but you'll be able to use both to steal and sell cargo and vehicles, earning $300k an hour, too.

    Work For A Friend

    If your friend is climbing the criminal ladder, don't be afraid to ride their coattails.

    If they're registered as a VIP or CEO, you can begin completing missions for them and can rake in $150k per hour.


    If you've got a bunker, you'll be able to sell swag in the background while you go about your business.

    Once the stock is accumulated you'll want to sell regularly to be able to create constant cash flow.


    If you have the cash to invest in a nightclub, it'll tick over nicely in the background as the game progresses with minimal input.

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