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Editor-in-chief, Gfinity Esports

James Wright

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James is a dad of two cheeky monkeys who won't stop asking to play Mario Kart. Can occasionally be found shouting at Arsenal or anyone running with stasis in Destiny 2.

News, Reviews, and Features Editor

Lloyd Coombes

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Lloyd runs the news on the site day-to-day, and when he isn't, can usually be found playing Destiny 2 or any action RPG with a loot system that makes numbers go up.

Guides Editor

Jake Green

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Jake is holding out hope for a brand new X-Files game after finally getting his previous pipedream of a Tony Hawk Remaster last year. Normally found in the Warzone, forward all mail to Verdansk.

Core Titles Editor

Ben Sledge

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Ben is a gaming reporter from the northwest of England, who is taking the lead on Apex Legends and Pokémon for Gfinity. You might have seen his previous work at Eurogamer, The Guardian, IGN, Kotaku, The Loadout, NME, VICE, and more.

Call of Duty Writer

Jonno Nicholson

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Jonno is our resident Call of Duty expert. When he's not writing about CoD, you will find him dropping into multiplayer.

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Henry's been gaming since the N64 days. He's fascinated by virtual reality's potential but outside of this, you can find playing the latest indies and RPGs.

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Josh is Gfinity’s U.S. evening writer. If he’s not writing or playing outside with his Belgian Malinois Oliver, you’ll likely find him juggling too many JRPGs at once and wandering around FFXIV’s Eorzea, sometimes all at once.

Sports Game Writer

Tom Young

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A long-suffering Manchester City fan, Tom spends his week writing about FIFA and his weekend struggling his way to a Gold 3 Weekend League spot.

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Gemma can usually be found living her best virtual life in The Sims, bending the world to her will in Valheim, or popping heads with ease in Apex Legends.

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Author, Illustrator, and Computer Animator.

Jorge "Aggy" Aguilar loves the Video Game Industry and its history, which he has researched extensively.

When Aggy isn't writing about video games, he writes and Illustrates Children's books and regular novels.

He has a degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University and he is also making an indie game!


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Father. Lover. Geek.

Freelance Writer, Content Creator, and Worldbuilder.


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TeeKay enjoys living, breathing, and dreaming esports.
When he's not busy writing, you can find him trying to help his carries earn a Rampage in Dota 2.

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Part-time gamer, full time musician. Will bore you to death with unnecessary details about everything under the sun. I'm usually found playing Rainbow 6, but Destiny 2 has my heart.

*Uldren Sov kills Cayde-6*

Me: "Look how they massacred my boy!"

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Completed a few academic degrees with three stars, like they were side quests in the final Boss mission.

Currently working as an esports journalist.
I could write a book on the battle royale genre featuring Fortnite, Warzone, Apex, H1Z1, and PUBG.
The biggest chapter would definitely be "360 no-scope with 1HP".

All-time favorite gaming franchise - Call Of Duty.
FNCS and CDL geek.

Usually I play games like COD Mobile, Free Fire, Clash, on my mobile.
Catch my live streams on Facebook Gaming and YouTube - Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, Valorant, and GTA RP .

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Email: dgealogo@gmail.com