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ARK Genesis Part 2: Release Date, Locations, Creatures, Leaks, Trailer and Everything We Know


ARK may be getting a sequel, but the current game continues to be well-supported by Studio Wildcard.


Still, all good things must come to an end, and Genesis: Part 2 will be the final DLC expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Following on from Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis Part 1, the upcoming expansion looks to be a fitting end to the release cadence.

Here's all we know, including its release date, new starter area, and new creatures.


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ARK Genesis: Part 2 Release Date

At the time of writing, we don't have a firm release date but we do know that the game is expected to launch in Q1 of 2021 – so unless it's been delayed, we should hear something soon.

In fact, it's slated for March for all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Delayed

Over the last year, games have been impacted by the lockdowns and other disrupstions caused by the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

Wildcard say their focus is on perfecting the game “from a narrative, cinematic, and end-game-wise perspective”. 


For the die hard Ark fans, this delay is somewhat expected as the last DLC was delayed for around 3 months. 

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Unfortuneatly, we stil don't have an official release date, but check back here for the latest info! 

ARK Genesis: Part 2 Contents

The expansion is set on a colony ship, and as such will feature plenty of new content for players. It'll also feature David Tennant, with the former Doctor Who actor appearing as Sir Edmund Rockwell.


There are four new biomes that have been seen so far.

One offers a trench between regions, while another looks pretty spooky. Then there's a lush new starting area for newcomers and an area that looks to be grotesquely fused with longtime character Edmund Rockwell.



Genesis Part 2 will add a series of unique creatures, including the Astrodelphis (we prefer the term "Space Dolphin"), the platypus-looking Maewing, the horrific Noglin, the mystical Shadowmane, and the mechanical Stryder.

Plenty for you to hunt, then, you monster.


Speaking of hunting, the expansion adds a Minigun, Tek Bow, and Tek Pistol to your survivor's offensive options.

ARK Genesis: Part 2 Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer below:

ARK Genesis: Part 2 Price

The expansion is included in the Genesis season pass, which combines both parts for $34.99.

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