Apex Legends Players Show Wholesome Love For Newbie’s First Win

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Every Apex Predator populating the lobbies of Apex Legends was once a lowly bronze ranked player, even if some of them don’t like to admit it.

For those dropping into the game for the first time, as with any densely populated online shooter, things can seem a little daunting. After all, when you don’t know your Lobas from your Newcastles, how are you supposed to keep up with seasoned veterans?

However, there is some hope for Apex rookies, as a recent Reddit post has demonstrated.

Apex Legends Players Show Wholesome Love For Newbie’s First Win

Having just secured their first in-game victory, user AndyHD1995 took to the Apex Legends subreddit to share a clip of them securing the dub, adding: “I see why people enjoy this game, heart was going like mad”.

User CryInternational7589 built on this comment, saying: “Congratulations! Best drug in the world”, while NoEyes75 added: “that's some good recoil control for a noob”.

A few players offered more in-depth advice to AndyHD1995, such as bigizz20, who said: “Great job! To help ya get better, I highly recommend you use your abilities. In that situation, use your ultimate and scan frequently. You did a great job. Using your abilities would have made it a much easier win. Also don’t forget to heal your shields.”

Meanwhile, another user, AshenLeviathan, offered some encouragement, saying: “We all started like that buddy. You'll be good after you get the basics of survival down.”

They also answered AndyHD1995’s question of whether playing ranked games is a good idea as a newbie, saying: “Stick to non-ranked. You need to learn the game and polish your sense.”

However, there was a little bit of debate among the veterans around that issue, with user random_interneter arguing: “Don't stick to either, jump back and forth. Each has different play styles and in ranked even tiers can differ. By hopping between them you'll pick up different tricks and tactics.”

On the other hand, some users seemingly longed to end up in lobbies where newbies can actually get wins.

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