Who is Dr Amelie In Apex Legends?

Dr Amelie is a new character in the Apex Legends lore.

She already has strong ties to existing character Pathfinder and potentially could connect even more of the game’s characters together.

Here’s everything we know about Dr Amelie for now, keep checking back regularly for more updates!

Pathfinder’s Creator

Dr Amelie is Pathfinder’s creator, as shown in the Fight Night episode of Stories from the Outlands.

Pathfinder seems to have some purpose of exploring new worlds, but the video is cut off before we can learn his ultimate goal.

Though he apparently can help prove that the Outlands are habitable!

We’ll hopefully learn more about the robot, and his connection to Dr Amelie as time goes on!

We already have one new snippet via in-game MRVNS which are playing a message from the Dr herself.

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Wattson’s Mom?

This one is more up in the air for speculation, but it’s something that could be explored later!

Also, it’s hard to tell if Dr Amelie is Wattson’s Mother, Grandmother or even older than that, as she’s only ever been seen in recordings and Pathfinder could be older than we know.

But the reason players believe there is a familial connection is that both have a similar accent and have a surname beginning with P.

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Dr Amelie P. (Image: Respawn)

Yes, a little bit flimsy right now but it’s something!

As seen in the image above Dr Amelie is shown to have a surname beginning with P, and so we think this could be Paquette just like Wattson’s.

Beyond the accent they share we also think that it’s suspicious that Dr Amelie’s surname isn’t just shown, suggesting that it could be significant.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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