Apex Legends Vantage - Release date, lore, and everything we know

Image showing Vantage from Apex Legends holding sniper rifle
Credit: EA

Image showing Vantage from Apex Legends holding sniper rifle
Credit: EA

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With the launch of Apex Legends Season 14 right around the corner, EA continues to reveal information on what the latest season of post-launch content has in store. One of the main pieces of new content on the way is the arrival of Vantage, the latest Legend to join the roster.

Featuring a wealth of new abilities for players to master, there's a high chance the meta could change.

Before we take a look at what Vantage has to offer, don't forget to check out our Apex Legends tier list containing information on the best Legends to use and our guide highlighting the best Apex Legends guns to use when Season 14 begins.

When Is the Vantage Release Date in Apex Legends?

Season 14 of Apex Legends begins on August 9, 2022 which is when Vantage will make their debut in the battle royale.

Alongside Vantage, the update brings an increase to the level cap and some adjustments to the King's Canyon map.

Is There Vantage Lore?

Yes there is! On July 25, 2022, fans for their first chance to see the Legend in action in an Outlands episode titled "Survive." Vantage, whose real name is Xiomara "Mara" Contreras comes from the barren ice planet Pagos.

After becoming proficient with a sniper rifle, they come across an old prison ship where things start to head south.

What Are Vantage's Skills in Apex Legends?

Vantage is a recon sniper, with a unique blend of support and offensive skills.

  • Passive: Spotter's Lens - Shows tactical information when aiming down sights with long-range scopes.
  • Tactical: Echo Relocation - Activates a winged companion to scan the nearby area. Tap Q to order Echo. Hold Q to launch to Echo.
  • Ultimate: Sniper's Mark - Equip a custom rifle that scans enemies and provides a damage boost for Vantage and the rest of the squad. Damage levels double with successive shots while the rest of the team receives a 15% bonus on any marked targets.

It's clear Vantage has a focus on making an impact using long-range weaponry and judging by their abilities, there's a strong possibility of players gravitating towards the Legend in order to achieve victory.

Although the abilities look powerful, we will have to wait until Season 14 begins to see how Vantage fares against the current crop of Legends proving popular.

Image showing Apex Legends Vantage on green background
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Credit: EA

Is Vantage Good in Apex Legends?

With Season 14 yet to begin, it's impossible to tell if Vantage is a viable selection in Apex Legends. However, there's not long to wait so be sure to check back once the new season kicks off to find out if the Legend is worth mastering.

That's all there is to know about Vantage in Apex Legends. For more, check out our Apex Legends tier list highlighting the best Legends to use.

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