Are Apex Legends Silver Lobbies Way Too Powerful?

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Like most online games, the matchmaking you encounter can make a lot of difference to your Apex Legends experience on any given day, whether you’re a veteran or a newbie.

For example, if you’re put into a session filled with players of a similar skill level right off the bat, odds are you’re in for a string of competitive matchups that’ll give you a chance to walk out victorious, provided you make the right decisions.

However, as pointed out by a user on Reddit, many Apex players are finding themselves in sessions with opponents of a much higher calibre than them, leading to frustration.

Apex Legends Players Unhappy With Ranked Play Matchmaking

In the post, user magnetico6 provides a video of their recent experience in a silver lobby, commenting: “the state of ranked at the moment. This is a silver lobby! SILVER”.

They later explained: “It sucked, because there were 6 fresh boxes on our heads that we hadn't had a chance to loot because we were getting absolutely hammered by a team looking straight at us from the roof of the opposite building.”

Several users seemed to share this opinion, with user IanBeel responding that, with a few additions, the clip could pass for something from a professional esports lobby and HyperionX-X adding: “You know it's sweaty when you have to start pooling your heals.”

Others shared similar experiences, with user BlueLobster47 saying: “Gold 4 is filled with everyone from Rookie to Masters. It's truly a gamble what kind of lobbies I'll get” and Chemmy declaring: “I love dying in silver to guys with three different animated masters badges every game.”

User Howsyourbellcurve, meanwhile, outlined changes they’d like to see Respawn make in order to rectify the situation, explaining: “Biggest issue with new ranked is gold needs to be separated from silver and bronze. The skill level difference can be huge between gold and bronze”.

On the other hand, user darjim said: “I love the new ranked personally, but I do hope for 2 changes”, with these being: “bronze should not be able to play with Gold, too much of a skill gap. Keep it to +/-1 rank for every rank” and “less reset between splits. There is no reason why in the future not playing for a season should reset you down to 3 ranks.”

Some questioned whether magnetico6’s clip did a good enough job of demonstrating that there is indeed a matchmaking problem, with user jasheekz saying: “4 min clip with nothing to show, imagine”.

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