ImperialHal Says Apex Legends is “Turning Into Such A S**thole”

With every new character added to the Apex Legends tier list, the game becomes more accessible to more players. Although I am not against games becoming more accessible to other playstyles, this can frustrate those used to the games being a certain way. Among them is ImperialHal, who says that the game has gotten easier since people no longer need to push as hard.

ImperialHal has always been a proponent for pushing in Apex Legends ranked. In fact, his advice to NICKMERCS was to stop hiding so much and to push more. Seeing others using strategy and tactics instead really heats him up.

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Apex Legends playstyles

Having just finished a game of Apex Legends, ImperialHal thanked his subscribers. As he listed them, he went off on a tangent about how much things have changed in the game. There was a time when it was impossible to take out a squad without a straight fight, but today, traps are an integral part of the game. Here's the clip:

To quote ImperialHal:

"Literally this fucking game now is just 'let me put traps down, sit in the corner, and who's gonna push who?' Nah, this game is turning into such a shit hole compared to what it used to be"

It stands to reason that there would be a more intelligent and strategic way to win in a game about hunters than just shooting. Epic Games removed traps from Fortnite due to their perceived unfairness. What are your thoughts on traps in a battle royale, and should there be more balance?

The game will continue to evolve, and if that means more accessibility to those who may try other playstyles, so be it.

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