Apex Legends #1 Predator iQTelekinesis Reportedly Caught Abusing Bronze Lobbies

Cheating within games is nothing new and with Apex Legends Season 10 on the way, no doubt we'll run into it some more. Cheaters are usually the most despised people within the gaming community and when caught are outcast - I mean, it's fairly embarrassing that you need to use cheats to win, no?

Judgement aside, it's a real issue that plagues most games, in particular, it looks like one member of the Apex community could be getting away with it...

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Apex Legends #1 Predator Reportedly iQTelekinesis Caught Cheating

Although I don't want to give them the satisfaction of being named the number one Apex Predator, currently iQTelekinesis is, though he reportedly didn't get there legitimately. Although Respawn has plenty of coverage in regards to cheating such as hacks and more, this form of cheating is more discreet.

iQTelekinesis had been entering himself into Bronze lobbies in order to farm RP, boosting himself to the top spot within the Apex Predators. In reality, the true leader is xEffecto but we'll have to wait till this issue is resolved for them to get their crown back.

iQTelekinesis even when on his Twitch channel to talk on the issue, in summary, he swore a lot and made all those against him out to be liars and that they're jealous.

Luckily it looks like Respawn's Conor Ford, otherwise known as RSPN_Hideouts is on the case. As a member of Apex Security no doubt he'll get to the bottom of this.

As much as the Respawn team get some stick from time to time, whether that be from bugs, buffs, nerfs or whatever else, they're one of the only developers I have seen so closely in contact with their community, something that other studios should take note of.

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