Apex Legends Players Discuss Heirloom Shard Buyer’s Remorse

A promo screenshot of Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo screenshot of Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Big purchases in video games can be just as stressful as their real-life counterparts, especially if you're one of the many without hefty funds at your disposal.

From taking a million test rides of GTA Online vehicles before stumping up the cash to staring at skins for hours on end to assess whether they’ll fit your vibe, it’s important to really think about things before you buy.

However, as some Apex Legends players on Reddit have shared, sometimes you just get it plain wrong.

Apex Legends Players Discuss Heirloom Buyer’s Remorse

This seems to have been the case for user MidasState, who began the thread with a post asking if anyone else had buyer’s remorse about the legend they’d spent their heirloom shards on.

A few other users shared stories of their regrettable investments, such as RockingKrish364, who said: “I bought the lifeline one 2 weeks before she was badly nerfed. Played max 10 games after that” and ToxicAtomKai, who bluntly singled out Pathfinder, adding: “looks like crap in first person and they're kinda goofy in general”.

These tales were hardly universal, with several players broadcasting their satisfaction with heirloom purchases across a wide range of different legends.

For example, user PersonThing13 responded: “nope, Mirage’s heirloom is awesome and I haven’t stopped playing him since launch”, prompting MidasState to reply saying they’ve never seen a Mirage with an heirloom in-game, despite consistently being killed by the legend.

On the other hand, user YourBoy420 shared that they regretted acquiring Mirage’s heirloom, wishing they’d opted for Octane’s instead.

Beyond this, many players seemed not to have had the luxury of accessing shards yet, eliminating their chances of making a bad investment, with a similar situation applying to players whose legend of choice doesn’t currently have an heirloom.

A few said that they’ve been sitting on their shards for a while, waiting for an item that truly strikes their fancy to finally spend big on.

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