Apex Legends Global Series Is “Committed” to Adding More Eligible Countries

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The Apex Legends Global Series is back for another season of Apex esports action, and Year 2 is already looking like it will offer exciting opportunities for players and viewers alike.

As Apex Legends Season 10 approaches, those players who have succeeded at climbing the Apex Legends ranked ladder may be eyeing up a spot in the esports scene, to show their talent among the highest echelon of Apex players. The ALGS announcement not only made it easier for amateur players to compete this time around, but also left players salivating for what's to come.


ALGS commissioner John Nelson confirmed to Gfinity that in-person LAN events, should they go ahead as scheduled, would take place “in multiple places around the world.” He later confirmed to The Loadout that the major events would take place in “three different continents.”

Nelson is keen to emphasise the global nature of Apex Legends esports, and backed that up with the announcement that 16 new countries will be allowed to participate in the ALGS in Year 2. However, despite the fact that players from over 80 countries are allowed to compete in the tournaments, many players remain ineligible.

The ALGS Championship trophy, which is red and black, against a dark red background.

ALGS is “committed” to adding more eligible countries

Gfinity asked John Nelson about the criteria for including more countries in ALGS competition, and why some countries are still ineligible despite having strong playerbases.


“EA considers both applicable regional laws as well as the quality of each region's connection to our game servers in determining whether players from certain countries may compete in the ALGS,” Nelson says.

“We've continued to add countries over time as eligible to compete. That's something that we are going to stay committed to, over time. It's just part of being a truly global esport.”

Considering that South African players already play in the ALGS on European servers with as much as 300 ping, and island countries like Trinidad & Tobago are now included in the competition; it seems that EA’s servers cover most of the planet – Antarctica perhaps excepted.

However, players from currently ineligible countries can keep their fingers crossed that EA will grant them the eligibility to compete in the ALGS soon, as a part of its commitment to becoming “truly global.”