"It's Faster Than The Human Brain" - xQc Sparks Controller Vs. KBM Debate In Apex Legends

Félix "xQc" Lengyel recently highlighted how controller players have an added advantage with aim-assist in Apex Legends. Most popular battle royale titles have aim-assist enabled for controller players, and xQc believes that it's faster than the human brain.

While that might be true, fans have to consider the numerous disadvantages controller players have as compared to kbm users. Having the ability to track an opponent in a competitive first-person shooter is perhaps the most difficult skill in the business.

But, what if the controller's artificial intelligence does that for you?

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xQc Thinks Controller Aim-Assist Is Ridiculous In Apex Legends

The age-old controller vs. KBM debate is at the centre of every major battle royale title right now. Warzone, Fortnite and Apex Legends players have complained before about the unfair nature of aim-assist for controller players.

xQc presents his argument by stating the facts and highlighting how that tracking is a major part of aiming. He mentions that controller players have an advantage as the aim-assist automatically tracks enemies. This means that flicking from one opponent to the other is relatively faster for controller players.

He mentions that whenever players are tracking opponents they have to either predict or rely on sound cues to identify the exact spot. However, for a controller player, the aim-assist feature essentially performs this tracking. According to xQc, it happens at superhuman speed, and the human brain cannot match up to that level of accuracy.

xQc as a former Overwatch pro knows exactly what he is talking about here. While KBM players support xQc's argument, controller players highlight the advantages of having a mouse and numerous keys as input devices. This debate has always been about the two opposite ends of the community, and it's impossible to come at a definitive conclusion.

Below is a video highlighting xQc's argument:

Do you think xQc is right and aim-assist needs to be nerfed in popular battle royale games? Do controller players always have an advantage in a game like Apex Legends?

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