Friendly Solo Bloodhounds Are Invading Apex Legends

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The Old Ways, New Dawn event has kicked off in Apex Legends, and Bloodhound mains and lorehounds alike are taking to World's Edge in order to chase ravens and complete the challenges.

Bloodhound is not only one of the best characters on our Apex Legends tier list, but also has a large fanbase due to their in-depth lore and status as one of the OG Legends. Bloodhound mains are known for wanting every skin released for the character (guilty as charged), and now they seem to be coming together and forming impromptu alliances in battle royale matches.


It's noticeable when dropping into World's Edge matches at the moment that many squads are made up of single players, solo queueing in order to complete Bloodhound's challenges without drawing the ire of teammates who just want to grab the win. However, instead of the solo Bloodhounds fighting it out to complete the challenge, they are teaming up.

Friendly Solo Bloodhounds Are Invading Apex Legends

If you clicked 'start' on the story mission and look on your map in World's Edge, you'll see a yellow circle where the raven will be. So naturally, a bunch of Bloodhounds land in the same spot to complete the challenge.

However, in my experience the solo Bloodhounds dropped on the white raven and gave the international sign of gaming peace: rapidly crouching up and down.


As we tracked the injured Prowler, four Bloodhounds were throwing out Holosprays and repeating their peace-symbol crouch spams to reiterate their intentions. We ran, scanned, and slid our way through Launch Site, four Legends on a mission.

Two Bloodhounds emote next to each other, one lighting a fire and drawing a horn, and the other stroking their raven.

When we finally completed the task (I won't spoil it for you), we each popped an Emote and went our separate ways. Our moment of comradeship disappeared in the wind, and I didn't encounter them for the rest of the game. I headed North to grab some weapons and make it inside the next circle, only to meet my demise at the hands of a full squad unaware of my quest - which at this point had been admittedly fulfilled.

Some players have suggested that the Bloodhound story should take place on a separate server without a live match happening, similar to Loba's quest in Season 5. But then we'd miss out on these special moments, this inter-team camaraderie, and this Bloodhound solidarity.


That being said, if you want some free kills on unarmed players, you know where to go:

We can expect more of this excitement when the next chapter of Old Ways, New Dawn kicks off on Saturday.