Best Settings for Apex Legends On Switch

It has finally happened, Apex Legends has now fully released on the Nintendo Switch.

After what seemed to be months of speculation, the beloved battle royale makes its way to the Switch and players are thrilled.

Now, if you are jumping into the action on the Switch; there are some settings you must adjust beforehand.

Optimizing your settings is one of the best tasks to complete before playing a match.

Here are some methods to go about optimizing Apex on the Switch. 



Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options when it comes to the Switch.

This is due to the Switch being a console, so a lot of developers will have preset settings that players cannot tweak. 

This includes the FPS limit for Apex, as it is locked at 30 FPS; which is not the best compared to PC, Xbox and PlayStation. 

Graphics-wise, there isn't a lot you can change as well. The Switch will run Apex at a resolution of 720p when docked, so that should not be an issue for most players.

If you are gaming on the go, then the Switch's resolution will drop to 576p.

Be sure to let us know if you are enjoying Apex on the Switch!


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