Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event: Start Date, Rewards, and More

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event
Credit: EA

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event
Credit: EA
Update - June 20, 2022: Apex Awakening Collection Event Patch Notes

With the Awakening Collection event right around the corner, EA has shared the full patch notes detailing all of the changes made.

There are various adjustments to Ranked, Control, and the weapons included in the Replicator.

Season 13 of Apex Legends is well underway and as players continue to master the best Apex Legends guns and Newcastle, attention is already turning to the first collection event of the new season. The Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event is on the horizon and there are plenty of new items on the way.

Ranging from the return of the popular Control mode to a new POI themed around Lifeline, there's plenty to unpack.

With that said, find all there is to know about the Apex Legends Awakening Collection event in our dedicated hub containing all the intel.

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Start Date

The Awakening Collection event kicks off on June 21, 2022.

Just like the previous Apex Collection events, the update includes a brand-new Heirloom and a total of 24 themed cosmetic items for players to earn.

Alongside the cosmetics, the event will also bring the 13.1 update that's expected to introduce a wealth of significant changes into the game.

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Trailer

Ahead of the event, EA and Respawn Entertainment have unveiled a short trailer overviewing all that's arriving. Check it out below.

Awakening Collection Event Skins and Heirloom

The Awakening Collection contains 24 Kaiju-themed cosmetic items and a brand-new Heirloom for Valkyrie. Skins range from Fuse's "Animal Instinct", to Horzion's "Atom Heart Mother."

You can earn the items within the in-game store by using Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. In addition, there are also new packs, bundles, and offers for you to buy.

Once you manage to collect all 24 items, you'll unlock the Suzaku Heirloom for Valkyrie.

Apex Legends Suzaku Heirloom
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Credit: EA

Apex Legends Lifeline's Clinic

Alongside all of the cool cosmetic items, Lifeline's Clinic is a brand-new POI for the Olympus map. Described as a "state-of-the-art-building" close to Gardens and Grow Towers, the main floor heals any Legends standing on the platform that needs recharging after every use.

The next section is the "Emergency Platform" where players can order a Care Package and earn some high-tier loot. It's important to know that this particular feature is available once per game.

Apex Legends Control Mode Return

The fan-favourite Control mode is also making a return as part of the Awakening event. First appearing in Season 12, the mode sees teams battling for control of three objective points.

That's all there is to know about the Apex Legends Awakening Collection event. For more, check out our page for all the latest news, leaks, tier lists, and guides!

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