Does Apex Legends Have Solo Play?

Apex Legends has always focused on its squad gameplay revolving around a group of three players.

Back in 2020, a permanent Duos mode was introduced to the game, allowing players to partner up and play Battle Royale that way, a drastic difference from playing with a squad of three.

Unlike games such as Fortnite, there is no option to play a solo mode in Apex Legends, though players can drop into a match solo if they so desire.

Playing Apex Legends Solo

Apex Legends Fill Teammates option
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SOLO: Players can opt to "no fill" into a game

As of the Chaos Theory update on March 9, 2021, Apex Legends offered players the option for "no fill" matchmaking.

Selecting this option basically means that the game will not match players up with a squad, allowing them to drop solo into a match.

Each match can only have six solo players in total, a cap that Respawn added to keep the game's pacing from changing.

It can be tough to get into a "no fill" match, often taking players much longer to find a game than playing with a squad.

"No fill" is selectable in both Duos and Trios and is generally used by players of skill to provide more of a challenge.

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Will There Ever Be a Solo Mode?

According to Apex Legends developers, a dedicated solo mode is not on the radar.

Each Legend in the game was designed to work as part of a cohesive unit, with a lot of thought going into how well different characters mesh together.

They are not created with solo play in mind.

There was a limited-time solo mode, but Respawn found it negatively impacted the game, especially when it came to new players and whether they continued playing Apex Legends.

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