Apex Legends Season 8: Olympus Guide - The Best And Worst Landing Spots

The new Olympus map has a bunch of new locations and terrain for players to learn how to handle!

We have some tips for any players looking to find some awesome drop locations in this season of Apex Legends.

So check out our guide on where you need to drop with your squad!

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Rift Aftermath - For a unique POI

The Rift is certainly one of Olympus’ stand out new features.

Visible as a dome of swirling darkness, the rift can make for an excellent early drop point, or at least a point to visit early on.

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It’s Olympus’s largest POI, so be on the lookout for other squads here, as they’ll likely be landing at the Rift for the same reasons you are.

While you might not find the most stunning loot, you will find cool portals that make up the Rift’s centre.

You’ll be able to teleport to different parts of the whole map, giving you the opportunity to get the jump on other teams, or quickly find loot in other areas!

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Orbital Cannon Test Site - Trident POI

One of the stars of the Season 7 Trailer, this cannon is the one that shot down Mirage, Rampart and Pathfinder when they arrived at Olympus!

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Now that they’ve landed, the Orbital Cannon makes for a decent landing zone.

Once again it’s a little larger, so expect a few other squads, but also be on the lookout for a decent loot pool and (importantly) multiple Trident vehicles!

If you want to try out the new best way to explore the map, this drop zone will be one for you!

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Velvet Oasis - Loot POI

The Velvet Oasis is a great spot for loot!

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These two, twin skyscrapers are plain to see from the dropship, but down below is where you want to go!

The aquatic cafe has some high-tier drops on offer but watch out for pitfalls so you don’t fall off the map!

The Oasis also has many tight corridors and enclosed spaces that will surely make squads bunch up and could open you up to get eliminated.

If you want to try one of the buildings first, do so and you should find decent weapons and armour to be able to siege the cafe.

If you can survive the Velvet Oasis, your squad will be all the better for it!

These are our Top 3 drop sites, but what are yours? Let us know!

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