Apex Legends

24 Feb 2021

Apex Legends Season 8: Kings Canyon Is Reborn In Mayhem!

Players have been waiting for a refreshed version of Kings Canyon for a long time.

For many in the Apex Legends community, KC is special to them being the first map in the game.

Although, the map hasn't seen much attention in a while and so has become pretty repetitive.

Well, FINALLY we will see Kings Canyon in a completely new way.

Season 8 will bring players a brand new KC.

Here's everything we know on the topic!

New Map And Map Changes

Last season we crash-landed in Olympus for Season 7.

Well now we're heading back to Kings Canyon, but it's not the KC we knew.

With Fuse's arrival, he wreaked havoc on the very first Apex Legends map.

Below you can see the before and afters of each area affected.

Kings Canyon Mayhem

The Salvo ship Fuse arrived on has crash-landed and with it comes Kings Canyon Mayhem!




Tunnel East Of Artillery



Slum Lakes/Spotted Lakes