Apex Legends Season 6: Community Wishlist - Legends, Weapons, Skins, Maps, Game Modes and More

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Apex Legends season 6 is already on the community's mind. With the current season underway, we're all speculating what will come next.

A new battle pass containing skins, gun charms, trackers, and more is guaranteed but there are other changes that players are wanting to come to the game.


Here's what we and the community want to see in the next season.

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A reoccurring subject is new legends, with an additional character coming to all previous seasons, fans can't get enough.


The fan base has used their imagination to create legend concepts, see below for some by Reddit user Wolfdawgartcorner.

The image above is a robotic concept of a revived Forge, devs have stated that he is dead and won't return to the game.

Yes. Forge was murdered. He is dead. As dead as it gets. Super duper dead. ⚰️💀 #RIPOn a scale from 1 to 10 that he could be alive, he's at 0. Hope this helps 🤞
— Moy Parra (@_moyparra)
January 30, 2020

Although, Tom Casiello, an Apex Legends writer has also teased in a tweet that we may see Forge return!


Many are hopeful to see Forge's return but this could just be Casiello trying to keep people on the edge of their seats.

Previously data miners have leaked images and codes relating to legends, there's not a lot we know but we have some names!

These include Rampart, Nomad, Immortal, Blisk, Forge, Jericho, Husaria, Skunner, Prophet, Downfall, Valk, and Reckoner.




The current guns in Apex have come from Titanfall and Titanfall 2, we're pretty sure Respawn will continue this trend so here are some guns that we and others would like to see come to the game.



The Volt is a submachine gun that came to Titanfall 2. It's a favourite among many fans.

Rather than normal bullets, the Volt requires energy ammo.

Archer Heavy Rocket

The Archer Heavy Rocket is a gun-type missing from Apex, currently, there are no rockets within the game. It has a maximum magazine of 1.

If the Archer were to come to Apex Legends, it would be pretty overpowered. To combat this fans suggest it has lower damage and a limited amount of ammo able to carry.


C.A.R (Combat Advanced Round SMG)

Almost identical to the much-loved R301, is the C.A.R. There's not much separating the two guns apart from the C.A.R being a lot more powerful.

Lovers of Titanfall and Apex are pretty split in terms of if they want this in the game. This is due to the further saturation of weapons that use light ammo.

B3 Wingman Elite

The Wingman is already in Apex but the Elite is like the C.A.R, stronger.

With the ability to one shot a player, the B3 hits harder than the standard Wingman.


This weapon sounds pretty overpowered but it requires a lot of skill more so than the current pistol in-game.




Players aren't too fussed about what they get in terms of skins, although many would like the ability to be able to earn points and buy previous event skins which currently are unobtainable.

Michal Salata on ArtStation came up with some concept skins for Bangalore and Wattson, see below.


Above, a fellow ArtStation creator - Ramona Meier also came up with a concept skin, this time it's for Revenant.



Season 3 brought a new map to our screens, a polar opposite to Kings Canyon, World's Edge.

In the current season, Respawn made some changes to the already existing Kings Canyon. The much-loved Skull Town has been replaced by the Broken Coast.

Many would like to get to experience a brand new map again although, no one really has a suggestion as to a theme.

Sethly on YouTube created a video around the concept map seen below.




Game Modes

Players have been talking about solos and duos since day one.

Duos has become a permanent game mode for the time being but fans are still desperate to see solos.

In February of this year, PVPX of the Cloud9 team tweeted Respawn’s producer Josh Medina asking about the possibility of it coming to the game.


Hopefully, solo player's wishes will be answered, but this will most likely be further into the future.

Others have mentioned that they might like to see some 'party games', similar to that of Call of Duty's gun game, stick and stones, one in the chamber, etc.


Wraith has been the bane of many players experience in terms of hitboxes, she's pretty good at evading anyway due to her abilities, but in comparison to other legends, her hitbox is too small, causing a lot of animosity towards those who do play her. We'd like to see a slight increase in her hitbox size.

Currently, Wattson is the only defence legend without the 15% less damage buff, fans would like to see this implemented.

Recently Mirage and Gibraltar have received buffs for reviving teams mates, many feel that Lifeline has been pushed to the side and would like to see her buffed as she's become a rare player choice.


Gun Display


Currently, when entering your inventory you can view what body shield, helmet, backpack, and knockdown shield your teammates are carrying, but it would be useful to be able to view what guns and attachments they're carrying to prevent repetitive pinging of unwanted items.

Ultimate Timer

Another helpful change would be to follow in Overwatch's footsteps and display an ultimate timer so that you and your teammates can know how long till your ultimate is available.

Improved Dibs System

There's nothing more frustrating when you dibs an item and a toxic teammate grabs it for themselves. Some sort of locking system that prevents others from picking up the item for a limited period of time might be a good idea. This would be a great way to enforce the dibs system without allowing others to take advantage and dibs for no reason.

Voice Chat

It's almost impossible to hear teammates in-game unless you have your game volume extremely low, a volume bar or increasing overall voices would be handy.