Apex Legends Season 6 Has Secretly Buffed The Flatline Assault Rifle

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Apex Legends Season 6 may have buffed the VK-47 Flatline weapon, without Respawn saying anything.

Apex YouTuber Zeus did some digging and noted that the weapon has in fact received a horizontal recoil reduction to make it more stable.


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You can check out the video below, with the discussion starting at 7:52.


The hard-hitting assault rifle has long been one of the most powerful in its category, but the recoil made it less popular than something like the R-301 Carbine.

This buff could make it much more popular, and as Zeus notes, more people are noticing it.

"Now this wasn't in any patch notes," he explained, "but they definitely made a change to the Flatline. It now has less sideways recoil. It's not a conspiracy theory, I'm not the only one saying it. Multiple Flatline users have come out about this, and it is a fact."

It does make you wonder what else could have been tweaked an omitted from the patch notes.