Apex Legends Season 5: New info for Season 5 surfaces in new interview

Apex Legends Season 5 has begun, and that means there are some big changes coming – including new character Loba, new map changes, and of course, plenty of secrets

VG247 interviewed Jason McCord and Chad Grenier of Respawn about what fans can expect throughout the rest of the season, as well as some exciting tidbits about the game's development. You can find it here.

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Aside from confirmation that the hatches in Kings Canyon are going to be unlocked "at a certain time that lines up with some other stuff that we [Respawn] have coming", the pair confirmed that there were discussions about whether certain legends would be able to be on the same time given their lore-based conflict, like Revenant and Loba working together despite the former killing the new character's family.

"I think those conversations came up for sure. But we’re testing the game with those characters long before their stories are super fleshed out. Eventually their backstories got fleshed out and we started realising that they’re mortal enemies, and that’s when it really started to feel weird that they would be on the same team, especially saying ‘thank you’ and things like that to each other" McCord explains.

"That was a fun problem that presented itself to us, and our current solution is the dialogue between them, and that was a significant effort to have all these actors come in and record all this special dialogue and all the scripting that goes into making sure that if character A talks to character B, they say very specific things."

Perhaps most interestingly, the duo confirmed that an early version of the game was tested with Titans, taken from the Titanfall franchise that takes place in the same universe. Apparently they were removed for balancing reasons.

"We all love Titans, just from a fantasy fulfilment perspective, but trying to balance a game that has pilots and Titans was always a huge challenge." McCord reveals.

"We actually had a version of Apex early on that had Titans, that had pilots with the wall running and all that in there, and we were facing the same challenges that we were trying to solve in Titanfall for a long time."

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