Apex Legends Season 4 Revenant: Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman and Revenant have something in common... here's what it is

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Revenant is one of the most exciting characters to enter the Apex Legends universe - and he's coming TOMORROW!

The masked assassin is one of three listed as appearing in Apex Legends Season 4 alongside Rosie and Forge (RIP).

Here we go through all of Revenant's abilities - and some tips on how to best use him. 

Who is Revenant's voice actor?

Revenant is played by Roger Craig Smith, who also voices Mirage.

Amazingly, he's best known as being the voice behind Sonic the Hedgehog from the series of the same name since 2010 and plays Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin's Creed series.

Other credits include Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil series and Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Revenant abilities 

The biggest change that was made to Revenant was the removal of his unique ‘Stance’ system whereby he had two stances ‘Regular’ and ‘Shadow’ each with different abilities. 

Instead, he will only have the ‘Regular’ stance going forward. Here’s what they are reported to be:

  • Passive: Infiltrator – Climb walls higher and crouch walk faster
  • Mark for Death – Fire a poison dagger. Press again to reveal the target’s location for up to 60 seconds. The mark is removed if the target heals to full.
  • Poison Bomb – Launch a Poison Bomb that damages and slows targets hit. This skill will likely deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
  • Death Recall: Drop a totem that protects anyone who uses it from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem with 20 health.

The abilities shown here are actually relatively safe and not as game-changing when compared to other characters like Forge. 

  • Mark for Death has its uses to hunt down players running away to reset the fight. 
  • Poison Bomb will be great for close-quarters combat and the slow especially will be deadly.
  • Death Recall can be great but it is all dependant on the range. Should the range be a decent distance away from a fight then it could very well be powerful but if it requires the totem to be slap bang in the middle of a fight, all it takes is a stray bullet or a quick concentrated attack to down the player again

Closing thoughts

Compared to Forge, who ties his abilities to a whole new role, Revenant strikes me more as a strong beginner class with its basic toolkit or for someone more focussed on shooting than using abilities to win a fight. 

When will Apex Legends Season 4 Release?

Apex Legends Season 4 will be released on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

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