Apex Legends: Respawn Asks For Balancing Feedback On Legends And Weapons

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Players have been smashing Apex Legends Season 4 along with all the new content that came with it. After introducing us to new Legend, Revenant, and new weapon, the Sentinel. Respawn has asked the fans for their opinions on balancing.


Season 4 was arguably the biggest change to Apex Legends to date, and players (as always) have been very vocal about their likes and dislikes regarding the new season.

With balancing changes already made in the game’s latest update, as well as dramatic changes to the World's Edge map AND the introduction of brand new Legend, Revenant, some fans still had expectations that Season 4 failed to fulfill. 

Respawns lead game designer, Carlos Pineda, asked for feedback on the balance of Legends from the community. He asked which characters should be buffed/nerfed and why.

The developer has since been flooded with responses, plenty of them in favour of buffs added to some of the fan-favorites.


Four days later, David Bocek, the Apex Legends weapon designer, decided to get involved. Calling on fans to get reach out and give ideas and feedback on future weapons.


The Tweets from both Bocek and Pineda gained a lot of attention, most noticeably, from some of Apex Legends' top personalities. From HusKers stating that Lifeline needs a buff, to Mendo agreeing with the addition of nerfing Wattson and Gibraltar, it seems the whole Apex community had something to say.

Regardless of the number of comments conflicting with each other in regards to buffs and nerfs, the consensus seems to be that Gibraltar is in need of a nerf since the recent changes.

You can check out the full Tweet thread for Pineda's Tweet here, and Bocek's here.


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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett

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