Apex Legends No Fill Option: Dev Confirms New Mode Instead Of Solos

Since Apex Legends first launched players have been asking for a solo mode.

They got a taste of it during and LTM but it didn't stick.

The devs believed that the legends were created to work in teams of three and solos would be unhealthy for the game.

Well, now it seems that there will be a no fill option coming to the title.

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Apex Legends No Fill Option

A few seasons back Duos was made permanent and those that wanted to play alone hoped the same would happen for Solos.

Devs use Reddit AMAs to answer questions for players and this time Solos was brought up.

In November of last year, Apex Design Director Jason McCord commented on the topic.

He said that the team were looking into a way to please fans hoping to play by themselves and they intend to create a no fill option.

On Twitter, he went on to confirm this was happening but would not come with the launch of Season 8.

“Won’t be S8 launch… we’re testing it internally and it’s working, so should be sooner rather than later.”

Won't be S8 launch, but as I said in the reddit AMA it's on the way. In fact, we're testing it internally and it's working, so should be sooner rather than later :)
— Jason McCord (@MonsterclipRSPN)
January 28, 2021

Although this will be a much-appreciated option for solo players, it will also put them at a disadvantage.

Going up against a full squad when even one of your team mates are down can be a task.

To fight off three players on your own? We'll see how the solo queuers will fair.

We're not sure when this will be coming to the game but will let you know when we do!

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