Apex Legends: EA Servers Are Still Down, And Fans (Including Snoop Dogg) Aren't Happy

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EA’s servers are struggling with the increased demands due to the lockdown, causing games such as FIFA, Battlefront and Apex Legends to go offline.

Earlier today, the EA servers went down, causing popular games like FIFA 20, Battlefront and Apex Legends, and even the Origin PC store to suffer severe downtime.

Unlike most publishers, EA runs its own servers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so if something goes wrong with them then all their games are affected on every console.

Players are reporting problems being able to sign in to games or getting thrown out unexpectedly if they do manage to start a match.

It seems FIFA and Apex are receiving preferential treatment as they're the most popular, so hopefully, we'll stop seeing such sporadic downtime.


In the meantime, angry fans have taken to Twitter, including Snoop Dogg. 

Who compares the servers to a 'clogged-up freeway' and shares his frustrations about the situation. 

You can watch the full clip of Snoops rant here.

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There's no telling when EA will have everything back to normal.

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