ALGS Qualifiers Plagued by Issues Preventing Teams From Joining

Qualification for the ALGS Year 2 is underway, with teams of all standards fighting it out to try to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League. Open to anyone, the first-placed team from each qualifier gains automatic entry into the Pro League, alongside the top 16 teams from each region based on cumulative points across all four qualifying weekends.

Three teams have already qualified for the ALGS Pro League; clubinvictusaim in South America, CatJAM in APAC North, and Ogre 3 in APAC South, with the finals for North America and EMEA taking place tonight, September 13.

However, the first round of qualifiers was plagued with issues, as teams that thought they had signed up successfully were told on the day that their registration had failed, with little explanation as to what they did wrong or what they could do to rectify it.

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ALGS Qualifiers Plagued by Issues Stopping Teams From Being Able to Join

Jack 'NiceWigg' Martin, who recently signed for 100 Thieves as a content creator, was one such high-profile player who ran into issues, as well as his teammates ‘Apryze’ and Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An.

"If I f*cked up," NiceWigg says on his Twitch livestream when he was supposed to be competing, "I would just say 'oh yeah, I'm a f*cking idiot...' I don't think I f*cked up. I genuinely don't believe I did."

NiceWigg watches Knoqd's stream as he's explaining the qualification issue, and points out that the BenchWarmers player's lobby only has 14 teams, rather than the full 20.

"You're telling me everyone f*cked up?" he asks.

NiceWigg also says that Battlefy, the site used to sign up to the ALGS, is "the worst website I have ever navigated in anything I have ever done in my 18 years of video games."

Viewers took to Reddit to explain that multiple matches were starting with significantly less than full lobbies.

Gfinity has reached out to EA to clarify what the issue was and whether there was any more information on what went wrong, but it did not respond in time for publication.

NiceWigg and his team say they are ready to enter Preseason Qualifier 2, but if similar issues affect the next tournament then players and viewers alike will be disappointed that not everyone has a chance to show their skills.

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