Apex Legends Players Disappointed by First Mobile Exclusive Legend

An image of Fade from Apex Legends Mobile.

With today’s launch of Apex Legends Mobile, many players are flocking to the new Android and iOS version of the battle royale game to see how it stacks up next to games like Fortnite, which have already made the switch to mobile.

However, it seems that one aspect of the new release isn’t going down too well with Apex Legends players on Reddit.

This aspect is Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive legend, Fade, who isn’t enjoying the same positive reception as fellow recently added legend Newcastle.

Apex Legends Players React to First Mobile Exclusive Legend

While many of these players loved pretty much everything about Newcastle, right down to his animations, the reaction to user Davidth422 posting an image of Fade in the subreddit garnered a much different reaction.

First of all, many users were disappointed by the idea of any characters being exclusive to any version of the game, with CarpetPure7924 asking: “Why is Respawn doing exclusive characters? What’s the reasoning behind this?”

User PickedRandomly responded to this, claiming: “Apex Mobile is being run by different people, different devs. From now on, they might as well be considered different games, only sharing the same name.”

Another user, Wrekmoot, offered a possible explanation for Fade’s exclusivity, saying: “My guess would be that they actively want the players on other platforms to try out the mobile version.”

Beyond this, some of the reception to Fade’s appearance wasn’t too favourable either, with user RichSlamfist saying: “he looks like the most forgettable mortal kombat character” and xdadof1x adding: “budget starlord”.

On the other hand, some players fought back against suggestions that Fade’s aesthetic doesn’t quite fit with Apex as well as other legends, with user shapeless_void arguing: “my dudes, it is literally a male airship assassin with a different collar and some extra tech” and RichSlamfist popping up again to add: “I mean tbh the apex aesthetic is so all over the place”.

Regardless, it seems as though Apex Legends Mobile has a lot to do in order to win over the hearts and minds of the game’s traditional fanbase, especially if more exclusive legends are planned.

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