The Geofront's Trails to Azure Translation Brings New Life to a Classic RPG

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When does Trails to Azure release?

After years of no official localization and no easy way to legally purchase the game, Trails to Azure (Ao no Kiseki in Japanese) is finally getting a high-quality fan translation from The Geofront that’s set to release May 22, 2021.

Similar to the Geofront’s work with Trails to Zero, the Azure fan translation patch is much more than just an English translation.

Aside from the painstaking work The Geofront put into making this as close to an official localization as possible, Trails to Azure includes a number of quality of life enhancements, including optimizations to help it look as good as possible on modern PCs.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to download Trails to Azure.

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What is Trails to Azure?

Trails to Azure is the fifth game in Nihon Falcom's Trails series and a direct sequel to Trails to Zero, which The Geofront also created a fan translation for.

The game takes place in the Crossbell city concurrently with the first Trails of Cold Steel and chronicles the city's struggle to remain independent in the face of imperial aggression.

It originally released in 2011 for PlayStation Portable and never received an official localization.

Trails to Azure Geofront Release Date

The Geofront Trails to Azure release date is May 22, 2021. However, you can buy the base game on Joyoland now.

How to Play Trails to Azure

The Geofront said you’ll need Ao no Kiseki in one of three forms.

  • The .rar files bought from Joyoland
  • Ao no Kiseki already installed on your computer without an existing patch
  • The physical PC copy of the game from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong

Geofront’s patch will only work with the Joyoland version of the game or the physical copy.

Fortunately, thanks to the team’s efforts, you can purchase Trails to Azure from Joyoland via PayPal for the first time.

More instructions on how to download and install the Azure patch will be available once the patch goes live.

Trails to Azure Updates

The Geofront’s Trails to Azure includes a number of enhanced features, such as:

  • Autosaves
  • Message logs
  • Turbo mode
  • Support for higher framerates and resolutions compared to the original

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[Source: The Geofront]

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