Rune Factory 5 Live Stream Planned For May 15th

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Rune Factory's got an interesting history behind it. First established as a Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons spin-off, this RPG simulation series quickly took a life of its own.

We've not seen a brand-new entry since 2012, though Rune Factory 4 received a Switch port last year, and now, Rune Factory 5's almost here. Launching next week in Japan on Nintendo Switch, publishers Marvelous has planned a special live stream.

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Rune Factory 5 Live Stream Planned For May 15th

Having previously revealed several gameplay aspects - including a new combat system called the "Seed Circle" that lets players hold and restrict monsters during battle, this next event goes live on Saturday 15th May, broadcast on YouTube and NicoNico Live.


This will feature voice actor Sumire Morohoshi, YouTube personality Hira, a surprise guest, and model Milkiene as the event's MC. Given that Rune Factory 5 launches on May 21, we'd expect it to share some last-minute reveals about this upcoming sequel.

Sadly, there's no Western release just yet and given localisation duties are being handled by XSeed Games, we wouldn't count on a reveal during this. Should that happen however, we'll keep you updated.