Digimon Survive Gets Korean Rating, Prompting Release Date Speculation

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Digimon Survive's had a rough ol' time since it's announcement a few years back. After multiple delays and reworks to address "sloppy" content, though, Digimon Survive's luck might finally be turning around.

Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee rated Digimon Survive recently (thanks u/ohkartoum), and if recent trends are anything to go by, that could mean the game is closer to release than we thought.

Castlevania Advanced Collection is the most recent example. After getting rated in Korea and Taiwan, an ESRB rating finally popped up right before September's Nintendo Direct officially revealed the collection.

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Digimon Survive Gets Korean Rating, Prompting Release Date Speculation

Digimon Survive blends adventure game-style narrative and decision making with turn-based tactical battles. It follows a group of young adults transported to another world where Digimon roam free, and Bandai said previously the choices you make have a significant effect on the story.

A developer's diary from 2019 mentioned these choices will also influence combat. Digivolving and the forms it takes will depend on the human partner's heart, or, in other words, the kind of decisions you make during the story portions.

Of course, we still have no idea how any of this will work yet. It's been more than a year since Bandai showed off anything connected to Digimon Survive. Hopefully that may change in the coming weeks, though.

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