Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise - How to Remodel Villagers' Houses

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. The Player, Tom Nook and Audie are standing in Audie's remodeled home. Audie is sat at the laptop on the right. The player is on the left. Tom Nook is in the middle

There are many great features that come with Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise and one of these is the ability to remodel the homes of your own island villagers. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, villagers can be given houses that do not suit your island vibe. This is why we're going to show you how to remodel villagers' houses.

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How to Remodel Villager's Houses

1. Unlock the Ability to Remodel Villagers' Houses

To unlock the ability to remodel a villagers' house, you need to have completed 30 vacation homes and the facilities you have unlocked in Happy Home Paradise. Once you have done this, head back to your own Island. (You may need to exit and re-enter the game for this next part). Tom Nook should then call you and ask you to go to meet with him at Resident Services. Once you have spoken to him, you will have unlocked the ability to remodel any villagers' home (at a price).

2. Talk to Tom Nook

After unlocking the ability, you should go to Resident Services and sit on the stool in front of Tom Nook's counter. When you start to speak to him, you will need to follow this chain of conversational options:

  • Let's talk homes
  • A Resident's Home
  • Say "yep" after he informs you that a remodel will cost 9,000 Bells.

Once you have accepted the price, you will then be allowed to choose the villager who owns the house you want to remodel. Nook will then call them to Resident Services and after they accept your offer to remodel their home, they will disappear again.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. The player is in resident services with Tom Nook, Audie and Isabelle. From left to right, the player, Tom Nook, Audie and Isabelle.
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3. Get Designing

Once the resident has approved of the remodel, you will be sat back at the counter in front of Tom Nook. You will be able to start designing and he will give you two starting options:

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Which one you choose does not matter as you can always do the second choice after.

Exterior Remodel

When you choose to remodel the exterior of a resident's home, you will be taken to a screen where you will have the option to change 5 aspects of the outside of a villager's house. You can change:

  • Shape - This is where you can alter the shape and basic style of the house.
  • Roof - You can change the roof colour and type.
  • Siding - This is where you will be able to change the design and colouring of the walls of the house.
  • Door - You can change the style and colour of the door.
  • Door Decoration - You can choose to add a small decoration like a plaque or a reef to the door.

Once you are happy with the design, press + to confirm it and then select "yes". You

Interior Remodel

When you choose to remodel the interior of the villagers' home, you can do it the exact same way as you would with a client's home at Paradise Planning. You can press L to imagine the villager living in the home as you're creating it and this can be extremely helpful when you're placing furniture. You will have all of the same furniture items available in the furniture/items menu that you would do at Paradise Planning. To access all of the furniture items you have on offer, press right on your directional pad.

The two things that you cannot do in a villager's home are changing the size of it and adding a second floor.

Once you are happy with the design, talk to Tom Nook and select "all done!". You will be taken back to Resident Services. The design that you have created for the villager's home will not be ready until the following day.

That's it! That is how you can remodel your villagers' houses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. We have plenty of guides that can help you to become a great interior designer. We have one that shows you how to use accent walls and we have another one that shows you how to build two-story homes.

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