Animal Crossing New Horizons: April Fish and Bugs

Animal Crossing New Horizons' April update is here, and with it comes a host of new changes.

If you're wondering which fish and bugs you'll be able to catch this month, you've come to the right place!

April's Fish

In the Northern Hemisphere, we'll be getting 10 new fish, these being; Butterfly fish, Clown fish, Crawfish, Killifish, Neon tetra, Sea horse and more! The North will then lose the Blue Marlin, Dab fish and Tuna.

However, the South isn't so lucky. They'll be receiving the Dab fish and the Yellow Perch. This region will also lose the Angelfish, Betta, Catfish, Giant Trevally, Mahi-mahi, Moray Eel, Rainbow fish, Ribbon Eel, Snapping turtle and the Tilapia. 

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As you can see, there are a host of new changes coming to the fishing in Animal Crossing.

April's Bugs

Catching bugs can take hours of fun, especially when new bugs are being added/removed every month.

In April, the Northern Hemisphere will also get a bunch of new bugs for you to catch. Again, the South is not so lucky as they'll only get the Common bluebottle, Jewel beetle and the Ladybug. 

For a full list of the changes coming to bugs in April, click here!

Release Date

The April update released on 18th March 2021 nad has been out for a few days now.

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This means you have full access to all the changes mentioned above!

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